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The Set of 6 Birrateque beer glasses by Luigi Bormioli is the perfect set to savor beer with all its nuances. The set includes two IPA beer glasses, two wheat beer glasses and two tasting glasses , all designed to enjoy the unique organoleptic characteristics of craft beers . With this 6-piece set you will enjoy every sip of your favorite beers.

The Birrateque glasses and goblets have been developed by Luigi Bormioli in collaboration with the Studi Assaggiatori design center , international specialists in sensory analysis. The specific design of glasses and glasses for the different varieties of beer helps to uncover all its aromatic and flavor notes , discovering all the characteristic nuances of each variety of beer and allowing you to enjoy each sip much more.

What is included in the Set of 6 Birrateque Luigi Bormioli beer glasses

  • Two IPA Beer Glasses: The IPA Beer Glass has been designed with a conical shape and a thin body, which helps to maintain the beer's carbonation, which is lower in IPA beers. Its narrow base allows it to further invigorate its foam and flavor, concentrating hoppy and citrus aromas. It is mainly indicated for double or imperial IPA, American IPA and English IPA beer.
    • Capacity of each glass: 540 ml.
    • Measurements: 18.4 cm in height x 8.8 cm in diameter.
  • Two glasses for wheat beer (white or Weissbier) : The large, swollen shape of the glass, which tapers upwards, brings the specific aromas of wheat to the nose, from fresh and fruity citrus to hints of cereal. The narrow and ergonomic base facilitates a comfortable grip.
    • Capacity of each glass: 780 ml.
    • Measurements: 18.8 cm in height x 10.2 cm in diameter.
  • Two tasting glasses : Universal tasting glass, designed for a light, elegant and technical grip, which facilitates the sensory analysis of the beer. Its shape helps to collect the foam in a fine and compact layer, enhancing the specific notes of all beers by developing their entire aromatic spectrum, with a much better result than that obtained in a classic glass.
    • Capacity of each glass: 420 ml.
    • Measurements: 20 cm in height x 8.9 cm in diameter.

Characteristics of the glasses and glasses for beer Birrateque by Luigi Bormioli

  • Each variety of beer has its own characteristics, which is why Bormioli has developed different designs to highlight the organoleptic properties and sensations of the black, IPA, wheat and seasonal varieties of beer.
  • The shape of the glasses and glasses helps to generate and maintain the precise amount of foam, avoiding the oxidation of the beer in contact with the air.
  • They have the perfect capacity and shape to create an " aromatic chamber " that allows the development of the aromas of each variety of beer.
  • The mouth of the glass is designed to distribute the beer throughout the mouth , not just towards the center of the tongue, improving the perception of the nuances of the beer.
  • The edge of the cups and glasses is laser cut and is less thick , which improves the sensory experience and allows you to enjoy your drink to the fullest with each sip.
  • The glasses are made in Italy with an exclusive, lead-free formula by Luigi Bormioli. It is a glass resistant to thermal shock, washing and small blows, with exceptional transparency and brightness , which allow the exact color of each beer to be appreciated.
  • They can be cleaned in the dishwasher, its formula preserves the shine and transparency of the glass even after more than 4,000 wash cycles.

Why we like the Set of 6 Birrateque Luigi Bormioli beer glasses

  1. It is a perfect set to uncover and highlight the nuances of the different beers.
  2. It is ideal for your dinners and aperitifs with your friends, to improvise tastings and discover all the flavors and aromas of beer.
  3. They are made in Italy.
  4. The glass is shiny and transparent, so you can appreciate the exact hue of each beer.
  5. They are resistant and of great quality.
  6. It comes in a box, which makes it a great gift.

The story of Luigi Bormioli

The origin of the prestigious Italian brand Luigi Bormioli dates back to 1946 in Parma , Italy, a city with a glorious history. Perhaps best known for its architecture and cuisine, the city is home to this premium tabletop glassmaker.

The Bormioli family maintains its commitment to outstanding design, blending the Italian artisan tradition of glass with the most modern technology .

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