Olsson & Jensen Judith ceramic plate

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With an elegant design that exudes delicacy, each Olsson & Jensen Judith Ceramic Plate will look beautiful on your table. Some pieces that are perfect both for use on a day-to-day basis and to show them off to your guests on special occasions. Its delicate white color and its glamorous style will enhance the presentation of your recipes.

Its beautiful design that evokes a flower , with a slight concavity, makes the plain pieces ideal not only as plates, but as delicate trays on which you can present canapés, appetizers, starters or an assortment of snack desserts. The bowl-like deep plate is such a beautiful bowl that you will want to use it for everything, both at the table and in the kitchen.

As charming as they are versatile, they are perfect for creating a dream table by combining the different pieces . Their design and high quality make them ideal for any occasion and for any table, whatever your style.

Olsson & Jensen's Judith ceramic plates are presented in the following sizes:

  • Deep bowl type plate, 18 cm in diameter . Perfect as a soup dish, for creams, purées and soups, it is also ideal for salads, pasta recipes and for your brothy stews, whether meat, fish or legumes. Its beautiful design, reminiscent of a water lily or a flower opening, also makes it a very original centerpiece to use as decoration.
  • Flat plate of 27 cm . With its beautiful flower-like design and its slight concavity, it is perfect for serving second courses, especially if they are whole or larger pieces, whether they are entrecotes or whole fish such as gilthead bream or sole. It is also a precious piece as a tray to present appetizers, canapés or an assortment of cheeses for dessert. It is also a most charming bass dish.
  • 21 cm dessert plate . Perfect for desserts, its charming design and its size make it ideal for seconds on a small plate or for light starters. It also makes a lovely tray for an assortment of appetizers or desserts. Like the 27 cm dinner plate, it has a beautiful flower-like design and is slightly concave.


  • Material: white glazed ceramic.
  • Beautiful flower design.
  • Slight concavity of the flat plates.
  • Non-porous surface: they do not absorb odors or flavors.
  • Great durability.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Available in three sizes:
    • Bowl type deep plate.
      • Measurements: 18 cm diameter x 5.5 cm height
      • Weight: 420g
    • Flat plate.
      • Measurements: 27 cm diameter x 2.7 cm height
      • Weight: 770g
    • Dessert dish.
      • Measurements: 21 cm diameter x 2.4 cm height
      • Weight: 460g

Why we like Olsson & Jensen's Judith Ceramic Plate

  1. They have beautiful designs that evoke flowers.
  2. Whether as a plate or as a tray, they will enhance what you serve on them.
  3. Being enameled ceramic, it does not absorb odors or flavors.
  4. They are very original and most versatile pieces.
  5. Ideal as loose plates or to form a beautiful tableware.

Olsson & Jensen History

Olsson & Jensen is a renowned interior design, furniture and decoration brand, founded in 2006 by Swedish designers Lars Olsson and Emma Jensen, which has taken the design world by storm with its minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic. His goal, since its inception, is to create unique products and details with character that convey a personal feeling of home.

With its almost 20 years of experience, the brand stands out for its great commitment to excellence, the search for conscious choice and the quality of its products. His Scandinavian style combines elegance, timeless functionality and his own character, something that is reflected in all his creations.

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