Lurch Ice Former Ice Cube Molds

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The Lurch Ice Former Ice Cube Molds have it all. Even cover! With these great stackable ice buckets you will optimize space while making ice cubes, cubes and pearls in a clean, hygienic and odorless way, to refresh your drinks quickly. And you can also extract them very easily.

They are made from 100% premium platinum silicone and are food safe and BPA free . Its single-chamber system ensures that your ice cubes freeze faster and more uniformly and that they can be extracted easily and individually.

Its lid prevents the cubes from absorbing unwanted odors and allows for clean and hygienic freezing. So you can not only freeze water in the Lurch ice buckets.

  • They are perfect for you to make cubes with the juice of your favorite fruits to add them to your drinks. Imagine your orange juice or a glass of very cold sparkling water with a couple of lemon juice cubes!
  • Or your iced coffee, with coffee cubes!
  • You will also be able to make cubes with your sauces such as pesto, sofrito, salmorreta, or with your broth concentrates, thus having them in adequate portions for use when necessary.

In addition, all the molds for cubes in the Lurch Ice Former series have the same surface and are stackable , taking up much less space in the freezer.


  • Made of 100% premium platinum silicone
  • Single chamber for faster and more uniform freezing
  • Molds with lids for clean, hygienic and odorless freezing
  • Easy removal of the cubes
  • Resistant to fruit acids
  • stackable molds
  • dishwasher safe

You can choose between 3 models:

  • Pearls mold for 42 balls of 2 cm in diameter (Measures: 20 x 15 x 2.5 cm)
  • Cubes mold for 6 cubes of 5 cm (Measures: 20 x 15 x 6 cm)
  • Cubes mold for 20 cubes of 3 cm (Measures: 20 x 15 x 4 cm)

Lurch has been a manufacturer of 100% platinum silicone molds since 1999. All molds are tempered after the production process for at least 4 hours at 200°C

Why we like the Lurch Ice Former Ice Cube Molds

  1. Because they have a lid , a guarantee of clean, hygienic and odorless freezing . In addition, its lid will help you transport them without spilling the liquid when taking them to the freezer.
  2. They are made of 100% premium platinum silicone. They are food safe and BPA free
  3. They are stackable . All the ice buckets in the same corner of the freezer, neatly stacked one on top of the other. At last!!!
  4. They are perfect for you to make cubes for your drinks. But they are also suitable for freezing your sauces, your broth concentrates, your stir-fries or your juices in portions. Once frozen, all you have to do is take out the cubes and use them when you need them.
  5. Its unique chamber allows faster and more uniform freezing and the cubes are very easy to extract.

Lurch's story

Synonymous with quality and innovation, Lurch is a German manufacturer founded more than twenty years ago and specializing in kitchen utensils. In their products you will always find practicality, innovation and products designed to last a long time thanks to their construction materials and design. Manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, Lurch products offer a great solution to everyday situations in the kitchen.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Victoria T.
Moldes para cubitos de hielo cuadrados Ice Former de Lurch

La silicona no es muy flexible y cuestan de sacar

Hola Victoria.

Lamentamos mucho que el producto no haya cumplido tus expectativas.
Tendremos en cuenta tu opinión para próximos productos.

Muchas gracias y un saludo.

Equipo Claudia&Julia

Sandra C.
Muy practico

Geniales, cubos de gran tamaño. Se desmoldan muy bien

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