Le Creuset White Marble Cast Iron Round Casserole (Limited Edition)

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The Le Creuset Marble iron cocotte masterfully fuses the design and functionality of the brand's classic and most popular cocotte with timeless luxury in the kitchen. Thus, in this edition with very limited units around the world, Le Creuset has achieved an absolutely realistic and elegant enamel on its most iconic piece.

It is a 24 cm round cast and vitrified iron cocotte, the most popular size in kitchens around the world, with a design as exclusive as the appearance of white marble.

Get a marble cocotte before they run out!

Ideal for preparing creams, soups, stews, rice, roasts and even all types of pastries, the Le Creuset Marble cocotte will be your kitchen ally and the characteristic French elegance both when you cook on the stove or in the oven.


The Le Creuset Marble cocotte guarantees years of pleasure in the kitchen and at the table.

The cocotte Marble is the Evolution Le Creuset cocotte, the brand's latest cocotte model, which includes the following improvements compared to previous models:

  • Larger handles to be able to hold and transport the iron pot from the oven to the table with greater comfort and safety even with kitchen gloves.
  • More resistant interior vitrification to stains, wear and scratches. It is also easier to clean than traditional vitrification.
  • New lid design with better fit to retain moisture and flavor inside the cocotte.
  • More ergonomic and comfortable knob to hold.
  • Measurements:
Diameter: 24cm
Base diameter: 19 cm
Height: 10.6cm Capacity:4.2L Servings: 4 - 6

The White Marble Le Creuset Collection

This exclusive collection is a tribute to elegance, where the sophisticated application of marble becomes a work of art.

The timelessness of marble meets the avant-garde of design in each piece of this collection, where functionality plays with the aesthetics in perfect balance. The subtle tones and the sophistication of white marble combine to create a culinary experience most special.

Prepare your kitchen for timeless luxury with this Special and very limited edition of White Marble by Le Creuset. Each piece is a work of art in itself.

In this exclusive collection, Le Creuset presents us with the brand's undisputed classics, such as the iconic Le Creuset iron cocotte and the ceramic mini-cocotte, and other kitchen essentials, such as the precious ceramic mug cup and kitchen grinders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Claudia&Julia has exclusive online distribution in Spain for all Marble Le Creuset pieces. Units are limited worldwide.

Why we like the Cocotte Evolution Marble Le Creuset

  1. Like all cocottes, heat transmission and distribution It is perfect because of the wonderful iron structure of these casseroles.
  2. This is a truly exclusive and elegant limited edition.
  3. It provides you with 100% natural cooking for all your recipes.
  4. Iron retains heat much longer, so you will enjoy your hot recipes for longer, or without the need to reheat.
  5. It is very versatile, and can be used both on the stove and in the oven.
  6. Its design is spectacular!
  7. Not only is it practical and very durable, but so pretty that you'll present it to the table and guests will do a double "Oooh!", when you carry it and when you open it, and you will have a conversation for a while.
  8. A perfect gift! If giving Le Creuset means always looking good, giving the Limited Edition Le Creuset White Marble means winning heaven - you will bring smiles, enthusiasm and a crazy desire to cook.

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