Le Creuset Non-Stick Cooling Rack


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The Le Creuset Non-Stick Cooling Rack is a very functional kitchen tool. You can bake your cookies, let them cool down and add the topping you like the most, without moving them from the rack. And since it is non-stick, it is very easy to clean. Isn't it great?

In addition, the Le Creuset grid is a very practical helper. You want to know why?:

  • It has 6 solid legs that provide stability and raise it slightly to circulate the air. Thus, both your cookies and muffins, as well as your unmolded cakes and biscuits will cool down without softening.
  • This slight elevation makes it ideal for decorating your cookies, fruit and biscuits with the chosen coverage. Excess coverage will fall through the grid.
  • And since it is also suitable for the fridge and freezer, you can quickly chill chocolate-dipped strawberries and have dessert ready in no time.
  • It is provided with two heat-resistant silicone handles, so you can handle it comfortably.
  • It is suitable for the oven at temperatures up to 240º C. It is not only ideal for baking some delicious cookies, since you can use it to dehydrate fruits and vegetables or to roast any piece of meat, placing the grid on a tray. You will see how rich!
  • Its non-stick coating is a plus, since not only does food not stick, but you can clean it very easily.

Whether you are a lover of sweet recipes, or if you love savoring a good well-roasted rib, the le Creuset rack will be your great ally in the kitchen.


  • Made of carbon steel with non-stick coating.
  • Provided with two heat-resistant silicone handles.
  • Oven safe up to 240º C.
  • Measurements: 41.6 cm long x 29.5 cm wide.
  • It has 6 legs that give it a height of 2.2 cm.
  • Suitable for fridge and freezer.
  • Hand wash with a soft sponge. It cleans very easily.

Why we like the Le Creuset Non-Stick Cooling Rack

  1. She is a most practical helper. It allows you to bake, cool and decorate.
  2. You can use it with your oven trays to roast food.
  3. It is non-stick: it does not stick and cleans easily and quickly.
  4. Its 6 legs provide the necessary height for air to circulate, helping to cool your creations without softening them.
  5. The silicone grips are heat resistant and help you handle it comfortably.
  6. It is suitable for use in the oven at high temperatures, up to 240º C.

The history of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French brand of household items famous throughout the world for its quality and leader in the sectors of enameled cast iron, stoneware ceramics and kitchen accessories, among other items.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures world-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks around the world, Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unmatched durability.

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Customer Reviews

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Rejilla de hornear y enfriar Le Creuset

Tamaño ideal, muy practica y ligera

Susana Á.d.

Tamaño ideal y gran antiaderencia

María J.

Es muy bonita y resistente.
Tiene altura suficiente en las patas y la calidad le creuset

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