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This kitchen processor from KitchenAid is the ultimate kitchen aid because it has it all in one device . He just needs to talk.

Not only does it save you a lot of time (none of us have too much!), but it will revolutionize the way you cook. Because you will feel more like getting into the kitchen .

And it is just as useful for seasoned gourmets as it is for beginners in the kitchen , we tell you:

what you can do with it

  1. Chop, chop and grind;
  2. stir and mix;
  3. knead;
  4. mount and emulsify;
  5. but it also cooks , so you can:
    1. Fry,
    2. stew,
    3. boil,
    4. and steam.


While similar products from other brands rely on a high speed combined with a relatively low force to achieve a specific power, KitchenAid products work at a lower speed, but with greater brute force , so we achieve lower power consumption with higher efficiency. .

Because we like it

It has the quality and versatility of all KitchenAid products, they have thought of everything! And always with the timeless design typical of this firm .

Do not miss the video that we offer below, you will be surprised by everything that this kitchen processor can do .

Technical characteristics

Maximum power of 1500 W for the blades and 1050 W for heating. The blades run at a speed of 100 to 2300 RPM.

The glass has a capacity of 4.5 L with measurements of 31.4 x 41.1 x 34.2 cm.

It is accompanied by an excellent recipe book and a free digital application with classic recipes for everyday life explained step by step.


With endless accessories and functions:

  • StirAssist mixer: For a better incorporation of the ingredients and perfect results.
  • Egg beater: Allows you to quickly beat egg whites for mousses, soufflés and desserts.
  • Hinged lid: To easily incorporate ingredients during cooking.
  • Upper and Lower Steaming Baskets with Lids: To steam a small dish or a full meal:
    • Upper basket: For 3 or 4 small fish.
    • Lower basket: For 500 g of cut or chopped vegetables.
    • Inner basket: For 6-8 medium-sized prawns.
  • Dough blade: Kneads all types of leavened dough (bread, pizza, brioche, etc.).
  • MultiBlade Mini Bowl: For processing small quantities (herbs, nuts, pesto, baby food, etc.). The mini bowl is made of plastic without Bisphenol A and the blade is made of stainless steel.
  • MultiBlade Knife: The multi-purpose knife is the perfect tool for shredding, chopping, mixing and pureeing.
  • Measuring cup included in the lid to measure 50, 75 or 100ml during meal preparation.

KitchenAid History

Following the launch and success of the iconic food processor in 1919, KitchenAid has dedicated itself to revolutionizing the world of home appliances through a multitude of high-performance kitchen appliances . All of them bear the mark of care for details, high quality, versatile technology and a timeless design that characterizes them. It is the only brand of electrical appliances dedicated exclusively to making products for the kitchen, being the great experts and recognized connoisseurs of it.

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Mi pequeña inversión valió la pena es preciosa y muy fácil de utilizar. Me gusta cocinar a fuego lento y lo sigo haciendo ya que hay ciertos sabores que solo se consiguen con algunas pequeñas joyas que compré y seguiré comprando a claudiaandjulia , pero un robot en la cocina ayuda mucho ya que todo lo preparo en casa , no compro nada procesado por la industria y con tres peques en casa hay que repartir tiempo por eso me decidí por esta marca y sobre todo porque claudiaandjulia la tenían en su catalogo y si ellas lo tienen es que vale la pena comprarlo así que contenta con mi juguete y un 10 otra vez a claudiaandjulia por su rapidez. No dudéis en comprar una más de sus maravillas. Gracias.

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