Ibili Set of 3 3D Chocolate Egg Moulds

By Ibili

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Create 3D Chocolate Eggs with Style and Ease! The Ibili Easter Egg Mold Set of 3 is your passport to chocolatey fun and limitless creativity. These molds are designed to bring your own Chocolate eggs or Easter eggs to life in 3D, adding a magical touch to your celebrations.

Dark, milk or white chocolate, you can vary the flavor of your creations as well as their size, because it is a set of 3 molds, with these characteristics:

  • Set of 3 Moulds: This is a set of 3 molds, which includes three sizes of Easter eggs: 6cm, 7cm and 8cm, allowing you to adapt your creations to different occasions or surprise your loved ones with variety, or create different dimensions to decorate your cakes.
  • Superior Quality: Ibili molds are made of high-quality plastic and suitable for food contact, which guarantees the production of uniform, perfect and safe Easter eggs with each use.
  • 3D design: With two cavities in each mold, you can create impressive three-dimensional Easter eggs that will surprise everyone (Are we hiding something inside?
  • Transparent Material: Transparent plastic allows you to see your artwork in progress and make sure every detail is perfect.

Ready to unleash your imagination and become a master chocolatier?


How to use chocolate egg moulds?

Preparing your delicious chocolate eggs! Follow these simple steps to bring your creations to life with Ibili molds:

  1. Melt the Chocolate: Start by melting the chocolate coating in a bowl (it can be whatever you want, black, white or milk). You can do it in two ways: carefully in the microwave or traditionally in a saucepan in a bain-marie, with boiling water. Make sure the water does not touch the chocolate bowl for perfect melting.

  2. Fill the Molds: Pour the melted chocolate into the plastic molds. Let the chocolate drip down, creating an even layer inside the mold. You may need to apply two coats to ensure the egg is firm enough to remove easily. You can also achieve this by painting the inside of the mold with a silicone brush.

  3. Chill in the Refrigerator: Place the molds in the refrigerator and wait for the chocolate to cool and solidify properly.

  4. Unmold Carefully: Once the chocolate is firm, proceed to unmold the egg halves. To do this, press the mold on a table until the halves release. If you can, use gloves to keep the chocolate spotless (ensure no fingerprints are left on it).

  5. Join the Halves: For the finishing touch, run the edges of the chocolate halves over a heat source, such as a spatula briefly heated over the stove, or, if you're a little bolder (or practical, we might say), you can use the ceramic hob (heated for only 5 seconds). This will cause the edges to melt slightly, allowing you to match each half to its partner. Press gently and let the halves solidify again in the refrigerator.

Note: If you want to surprise your guests or the little ones in the house, you can introduce a little detail inside the egg (or a secret message!), just before closing it (when joining the two halves).

And that's it! Now you have exquisite chocolate eggs ready to delight everyone, bring smiles or decorate your cakes. Enjoy your chocolate creations!

More options to take advantage of them!

Chocolate eggs are delicious as is, but you can get even more out of these molds with these ideas:

  • Give double flavor to your eggs: apply the chocolate you want on the outside, follow the steps mentioned above until it cools, and when the chocolate is cold, repeat the process again with a different chocolate (if the one with the outside is black, you can melt chocolate now with milk or white; if it was white, use milk chocolate inside...). Brush the inside with that new chocolate, let it cool and finish the sealing process.
  • Use them as a wafer or base to present a beautiful sweet: put some candies, mini-cookies, colored chocolate chips inside...
  • Fill them in! With chocolate cream, caramel, praline... and decorate with fruit, chopped cookies, chopped nuts, a touch of salt... Any combination that goes well with chocolate will allow you to present an accompaniment to coffee or desserts. more beautiful and original.

We have left you photos to inspire you and let your imagination fly... Because these molds not only allow you to make perfect chocolate eggs, but they are the beginning of the most original presentations, or a great way to bring joy to little ones. And older.

The history of Ibili

With more than 75 years of history, Ibili was founded in 1942 in Bergara, by 5 young entrepreneurs, dedicated to the manufacture of small kitchenware items at very affordable prices.

Today it has an extensive catalog with more than 2,000 references of kitchenware for the home, and its main objective continues to be to reach all homes, to make the people who cook happy.

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