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With the FinaMill® Electric Grinder you will discover the easiest way to grind your spices. This renowned and award-winning grinder is as practical and functional as it is easy to use. With just one hand you can place the container with the chosen spice, grind it on the plate or in the stew, and remove the container to use whenever you want, or grind a new spice in the same way.

Winner of two Red Dot awards for innovation!! The FinaMill® grinder has been awarded the Red Dot awards for most innovative product and design in 2022, and in 2020 with the A'Design Award. In addition, it has been mentioned for its brilliant design in the Boston Globe and for its reliability in Forbes magazine.

The innovative FinaMill® grinder system allows you to always have your spices ready to grind when needed. Forget about having to empty the contents of your grinder every time you want to season with different aromatics, about crossing flavors or having to use both hands to grind. With just one click, you will have the dressing ready for your dishes, with all the aroma and flavor that only freshly ground spices have. From pepper to rosemary, salt, garlic or dried basil, even coffee beans!

What distinguishes the FinaMill® Electric Grinder

  • Its recognized functionality and design. The FinaMill® has been awarded the Red Dot awards for most innovative product and design in 2022, and in 2020 with the A'Design Award.
  • It is the fastest and most efficient way to change the spice you want to grind and to avoid cross-contamination of flavours. Each container contains and grinds only the spice inside.
  • Its two-piece design: the body of the grinder and the capsules with the grinding mechanism, to preserve and grind spices or herbs.
  • Its operation in three simple steps: fit the capsule into the grinder, grind the spices and unload the capsule.
  • Its ease of use. You only need one hand to hold it, attach the capsule and unload it. While you hold it, you can grind just by squeezing it with a finger of that same hand!
  • The possibility of having as many capsules as spices you use in the kitchen. Finamill® has additional capsules so that you can always have the most common dry aromatics, seeds and spices in your recipes ready to grind. The 100% BPA-free capsules have a wide opening so you can fill them easily.
  • The grinding thickness is very easily adjustable. Each container has a wheel to adjust the result when grinding, depending on whether you prefer it more or less fine.
  • The grinding mechanism is ceramic, which guarantees great durability, a precise and efficient result. In addition, it does not alter the smell or flavor of the spices when grinding them.

How to use the FinaMill® Electric Grinder

The FinaMill® grinder includes two containers or container capsules. Each container has its own independent grinding mechanism, which works by attaching the grinder. Grinding your spices is very simple:

  1. Fill each container with the spice you want to grind (peppercorns, cardamom or cumin seeds, mustard...). Do not fill to the maximum, the ideal is to fill up to 3/4 of the total capacity. Cover and turn it over.
  2. Adjust the grinding thickness to your liking with the wheel on the base of the container.
  3. Place the grinder on top of the container and push down until it fits completely (until you hear the "click").
  4. Press the top button and start grinding the chosen spice.
  5. When you are done, you just have to push the body of the grinder down again, this time to disengage the container.
  6. Repeat the operation as many times as you want and as many refill containers as you have.

As you can see, it is very simple. You only need one hand and have your favorite spices prepared, to grind them instantly, preserving all their aroma and flavor.

If you want more containers for your FinaMill® grinder, you can find the FinaMill® Grinder Replacement here. And to always have them organized and ready to use, you can find the rectangular tray for FinaMill® grinders here.


  • Electric grinder with two containers for spices.
  • Innovative design, winner of several awards: in 2022 with the Red Dot awards for most innovative product and design, and in 2020 with the A'Design Award,
  • Each FinaMill® includes two gray replacement containers or capsules (PRO Plus), suitable for grinding the most common spices, and oily seeds/spices: seeds, grain spices such as pepper, dry spices such as minced garlic, etc
  • Ceramic grinding mechanism in all containers.
  • Very easy to use and handle, with just one hand to load and unload, and with just one finger to grind the spice.
  • Top button to grind.
  • Practical interchangeable spice container system. Easy refill for easy grinding by simply snapping each capsule into the base of the grinder.
  • BPA free.
  • Not suitable for wet spices or fresh herbs.
  • Adjustable grinding level by simply adjusting the wheel on each container.
  • Operation with 3 AA batteries, without the need for plugs. Operation with low battery consumption, very long durability.
  • White LED light.
  • Measurements: 8.89 cm wide x 22.86 cm long.
  • Weight: 640 g.

Why we like the FinaMill® Electric Grinder

  1. It is a wonder. Very comfortable and easy to use.
  2. The grinder system with interchangeable containers is very practical and innovative. Winner of several awards!
  3. The ceramic mechanism guarantees perfect grinding, without altering flavors or odors.
  4. Adjustable grinding level, as fine or coarse as you prefer for each spice.
  5. You can have your spices, seeds and dry aromatics well preserved and ready to grind, with just one click!
  6. You can use it with one hand and grind with just one finger.

The history of FinaMill®

With extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of spice grinders, more than 10 years ago FinaMill® set out to create the definitive spice grinder. An innovative project that began to take shape in the United Kingdom 10 years ago.

After several years of project development, the FinaMill® grinder came to light, winning the A'Design Award Platinum in 2020 and, in 2022, two Red Dot awards, for the most innovative product and design. Today, FinaMill® and FinaPod® have more than 40 patents and the brand is registered in more than 44 countries around the world.

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