Emile Henry Mixing Bowl with Handle and Pouring Spout


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The Emile Henry Mixing Bowl with Pour Spout is a beautiful ceramic bowl with a versatile handle. In its two sizes, this bowl is ideal for preparing, mixing, beating, kneading, stirring, cooling and even baking your recipes comfortably. It is resistant, stable and easy to handle, and as beautiful as it is practical. You will use it for everything!

Its horizontal handle, in addition to giving it an elegant and modern appearance, allows a comfortable and safe grip for both large and small hands. In addition, you can prepare your recipes with the bowl slightly inclined to make it easier for you to mix, beat or integrate any ingredient.

Suitable both for cooling and preserving your preparations in the fridge and freezer, as well as for heating or cooking in the microwave and oven, this beautiful and practical bowl does not absorb odours or flavours, does not stain and is extremely versatile:

  • Its wide diameter makes it ideal for mixing ingredients, both for your savory and sweet recipes, whether they are hot or cold, with your hands or with a spatula.
  • Due to its bowl shape, it is perfect for whipping your creams and light masses, such as cupcakes or biscuits. And thanks to its pouring spout, you can easily pour the preparation into the molds without spilling anything.
  • Being ceramic, it is great for microwaving any solid or liquid ingredient, such as butter, milk or broth.
  • Its capacity is of great help for kneading and letting your bread, brioche or empanada dough rest or rise.
  • And you can also use it to bake dough, or cook in the oven, since it is suitable up to a temperature of 270ºC.
  • As it does not absorb odors or flavors, it is a wonderful bowl for preparing and dressing the ingredients of your salads.
  • It distributes heat smoothly and evenly, making it ideal for melting or heating in a bain-marie.
  • And because it retains cold so well, it's great for keeping creams and sundaes in the freezer, especially if you keep them handy! It tolerates cold down to -20°C.
  • Its beautiful jug-like design makes it great for cooling your summer soups and serving them directly without spilling anything thanks to its pouring spout. And also the punches!

It is a practical, functional and most precious bowl, both in the kitchen and at the table. Emile Henry ceramic is durable and strong (for a lifetime if treated with care) and is very easy to clean. It is stable and robust, as well as having an easy and comfortable handling thanks to its horizontal handle.

The Emile Henry mixing bowl is available in several colours and in two formats:

  • 24.5 cm bowl: 24.5 cm in diameter x 20 cm in length x 13.5 cm in height. Capacity approx. of 2.5 l.
  • 27 cm bowl: 27 cm in diameter x 22 cm in length x 14.5 cm in height. Capacity approx. of 3.5 l.

      What distinguishes Emile Henry ceramics

      • Thanks to its exclusive use of ecological and natural products, and its artisan manufacturing process, Emile Henry's ceramic pieces are very healthy for use in the kitchen and at the table.
      • It is lead, cadmium and nickel free.
      • Ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser, so smooth, progressive and uniform cooking is achieved.
      • Its non-porous enamel prevents the absorption of odors or flavors and does not stain,
      • They are robust pieces and very resistant to the small knocks that usually occur in the kitchen.
      • It is made in France.
      • It is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, without altering its properties or colour.
      • The mixing bowl with pour spout is guaranteed for 10 years.

      Why we like the Emile Henry Mixing Bowl with Pour Spout

      1. It is impossible to resist the beauty of this precious piece.
      2. It is very, very versatile. You won't believe for everything you can use it for!
      3. Its horizontal handle is a success.
      4. The handle makes it easy to handle and allows you to place the bowl in the best position for beating, mixing or stirring.
      5. It is robust, resistant and durable. And it cleans up very easily!
      6. Suitable for the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer. From -20 to 270°C.
      7. It is ideal to present it on the table. The gazpacho will look amazing!
      8. And the pour spout prevents spills and drips.

      The history of Emile Henry

      Emile Henry is a French company that has been manufacturing high-quality ceramic kitchenware since 1850 with a 10-year guarantee. With great international prestige, it is currently present in more than 50 countries.

      Its delicate artisan manufacturing process is based on the use of Burgundy clay fired at more than 2000°C, to which a natural finishing glaze is then manually applied.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      María d.C.D.B.
      Bol con asa y pico de Emilio henri

      Una maravilla de bol y el tamaño grande lo recomiendo para hacer masas y batidos no salpica nada es de una calidad extraordinaria comodísimo para batidos el servicio de Claudia insuperable como siempre gracias Claudia

      Maribel F.
      Excelentes y amables

      Me encanta la cocina y todos los productos que tenéis

      Susana R.G.
      Muy cómodo

      Me ha encantado estrenarlo. Profundidad apropiada para que no salpique. El asa inmejorable. Pesa pero le da estabilidad. Recomendaría.

      mas pequeño de lo esperado

      El bol es precioso y cómodo de utilizar. Compré el tamaño grande pero es mas pequeño de lo esperado..

      María J.S.P.

      Muy cómodo y bonito. Lo uso bastante.

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