Pallarès Kitchen Knife in Carbon Steel with Beech Handle

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Since I was a little girl I remember seeing Pallarès knives and knives at home. My father used the knives in the garden and I remember my grandfather always carried one in his pocket. When I started helping my mother in the kitchen, I discovered that she also used Pallarès knives for almost everything. These beautiful wooden knives are still used and lovingly cared for today.

These knives are handmade from iron (carbon steel) and beech wood. As they are made of carbon steel, they are stronger and stay sharper longer than stainless steel, but it is very important to dry them after use and keep them in a dry environment. Never put them in the dishwasher. We can also spread a drop of oil on the blade if we are not going to use them for a while to prevent rust stains from appearing. However, it is normal for them to darken a little over time, as a patina forms naturally, which is part of the charm of these knives.

The Pallarès knives are light, balanced and have a very pleasant handle, which is why they quickly become one of the most used knives in any kitchen. They are appreciated around the world as a symbol of a handmade knife with its own character. They can be found in specialised shops in Europe as well as in the United States and New Zealand and have been featured in specialised publications for their character and special design.

The history of Pallarès./h2>

Pallarès is a Spanish company that has been manufacturing knives by hand since 1917. It was founded in Solsona by the Pallarès brothers and is currently run by the third generation of these brothers. Pallarès knives are characterised by their traditional manufacture, the quality of the materials used and their excellent cut as each knife is made and sharpened by hand by master craftsmen. Their kitchen knives are appreciated all over the world as a symbol of functional knives with their own character and beautiful design.

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Customer Reviews

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Carme M.C.
Los mejores!

Cortan muy bien i se afilan facilmente

Andres B.

Muy buen cuchillo, hay que prestar atención al cuidado tanto de su hija como de su mango de madera, pero merece la pena.

Jesús Q.L.
Gratamente complacido

Tanto el impecable servicio como el espectacular corte del cuchillo han colmado mis aspiraciones.
De hecho adquirí, intuyendo su calidad, otro para mí hermana que, así mismo, aprecia el artesanal regalo.

adria p.o.


Claudio R.
Un noble utensilio

Regreso a lo netamente artesanal de una nobleza incomparable.