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The Cafetera Chemex is famous for making perfect coffee: clear, pure, tasty and without bitterness or sediment, thanks to their special filters, made of a slightly thicker paper than those normally found and which help to retain the minuscule sediments that the coffee may have, while allowing the water to filter at the right speed to obtain the best result.

The coffee obtained is so delicious that it can even be stored in the fridge, so that it can be reheated later without losing its flavour. So the Chemex coffee machine gives you coffee to enjoy on the spot, but also to make iced coffee or to use in your recipes.

But Chemex is more than just a coffee machine: it is a piece of art, which is even exhibited in the MoMa museum in New York (apart from having won numerous competitions and being on display in other exhibitions) for its perfect combination of functionality and design. It is elegant, made from a single piece in a high quality hourglass shape and with non-porous, heat-resistant glass. It has a polished wooden neck and a leather collar. The collar acts as a heat insulating handle, as well as giving it a unique and characteristic touch. 

You can choose your coffee maker according to the number of cups of coffee you want to make: for 3 cups, 6, 8 or 10 cups (each cup refers to a long cup of coffee, 145 ml).

You can find Chemex-Bonded coffee filters here.

Why we love the Chemex coffee maker

  1. Preparing and drinking coffee from the Chemex coffee maker is a luxury for the senses. From the moment you hold the coffee machine in your hands to the last sip of coffee. Even if you drink it much later.
  2. With it you only drink coffee. The sediment stays in the filter.
  3. It is a work of art. Beautiful, delicate, one-piece, ideal for coffee and to contemplate wherever you have it.
  4. You won't burn yourself when handling it thanks to its polished wooden collar.


Capacity Height Top diameter Bottom diameter
3 cups 20.5 cm 8 cm 10.5 cm
6 cups 21.5 cm 13.5 cm 10 cm
8 cups 23 cm 13.5 cm 12.5 cm
10 cups 23.5 cm 13.5 cm 12.5 cm

Photos:""Coffee Bundt cake""(Los Tragaldabas) and ""Lemon Bundt cake"" recipe (Yerbabuena in the kitchen)

History of Chemex

Chemex Corporation, located in Massachusetts, has been a family-owned company for over 40 years. For generations it has brought the Chemex coffee maker, invented in 1941 by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, into homes around the world and has been identified as an icon of American design.

History and craftsmanship go hand in hand at the Chemex factory, where each brewer is still inspected, polished and hand-tied, and the filters are cut as they have always been made.

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Customer Reviews

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Cafetera Chemex

Me compré la cafetera de 8 tazas, tenía ganas hace mucho tiempo y la verdad es que como diseño es preciosa, ya la he utilizado siguiendo las instrucciones y queda un café muy rico, es una verdadera infusión sin ningún residuo y con un gran sabor. Así que muy contenta, al igual que con el servicio de Claudia y Julia.

Chemex 3 tazas.

Ya tenía la grande y esta pequeña es el complemento perfecto. Para una o dos personas, la lavas súper rápido y ocupa muy poquito. La pequeña no trae la bola de madera y los filtros son más finos. El café sale fantástico y es muy relajante hacerlo de manera tradicional. Es una pena que no tengáis en la tienda los hervidores de Hario para acompañarla. La recomiendo.


Cafetera Chemex

Teresa M.B.
Cafetera de degustación ideal

Perfecta para degustar y hacer un ritual de café. Importante comprar los filtros asociados y un buen café con un tamaño de molienda adecuado para esta cafetera.

Elena P.
Cafetera de diseño que hace un café bien rico

La cafetera era para un regalo, ya la han utilizado y están encantados con el café tan rico que hace y el diseño precioso.
La atención de Claudia y Julia como siempre de 10