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The De Buyer aluminum oven tray is a kitchen utensil designed for lovers of roasting and baking. This tray, made of 4 mm thick uncoated aluminum (without any type of coating), guarantees exceptional durability and resistance to deformation , even under intensive use in the kitchen.

Multifunctional by nature , it is perfect for roasting meats and vegetables in a traditional oven. You will see how you benefit from fast and uniform cooking, and its versatility extends to the browning of the most exquisite sweet preparations . Its thickness not only contributes to its solidity, but also facilitates perfect and uniform heat distribution, thus ensuring even cooking of food.

Its design is designed for comfort in the kitchen, with two solidly edged handles that allow safe and comfortable handling, making it ideal for moving it from the oven to the table without complications. It should be noted that this product is not compatible with induction hobs (it is suitable for gas, vitro and completely suitable for the oven).

The De Buyer Aluminum Baking Tray is available in a wide range of sizes to suit any need, from individual preparations to large family banquets or events.


  • Compatible with all heat sources except induction, making it ideal for a variety of cooking techniques.
  • Made of quality aluminum, providing a strong structure that does not deform.
  • Excellent heat conductivity for even and efficient cooking.
  • Robust welt handles ensure easy and safe handling.
  • Elegant and practical design, suitable for serving directly on the table.
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit any culinary task.

With the De Buyer Aluminum Baking Pan, professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike can count on superior performance and consistent results, baking session after baking session.

Ideal uses in baking for this tray

I leave you some ideas to take advantage of this excellent tray in baking. Remember that to prevent sticking, you can always use baking paper or a silicone mat.

  1. Cookies: Perfect for baking in batches.
  2. Brownies: For an evenly cooked finish.
  3. Flat sponge cakes: Ideal for cake bases or rolls.
  4. Roasted fruits: Caramelized apples, pears or peaches.
  5. Tarte Tatin: Excellent for caramelization.
  6. Puff pastries: For fine pastries such as croissants or Danish.
  7. Meringues: Small sighs or pavlova bases.
  8. Energy bars: Granolas or baked cereal bars.
  9. Fruit tart: With crispy shortcrust bases.
  10. Choux and Éclairs: For golden and uniform baking.

Ideal uses for savory recipes for this tray

  1. Roast meat: Ideal for cuts of red meat, whole chicken or pieces of pork.
  2. Roasted vegetables: Perfect for seasonal vegetable mixes.
  3. Baked fish: Healthy and quick, with herbs and lemon for flavor.
  4. Lasagna: Layers of pasta, sauce and cheese until golden.
  5. Marinated meats: Chicken, pork or beef with your favorite marinades.
  6. Gratins: Potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower with cheese and bechamel.
  7. Meatloaf: Mixture of minced meat and spices, baked until cooked.
  8. Homemade pizzas: From the dough to the fresh ingredients of your choice.
  9. Chicken or beef fajitas: Baked with peppers and onions and then served with tortillas.
  10. Quiches and savory tarts: Dough base with egg, vegetable and meat fillings.

Just as for sweet recipes, to make fish, pizza or savory cakes, if you want you can place baking paper on the base (although it is not necessary with the application of oil or butter).


Exterior measurements:

  • 30 cm tray : Length: 35.5 cm, Width: 30.7 cm, Height: 12.6 cm
  • 35 cm tray : Length: 40.8 cm, Width: 25.8 cm, Height: 12.1 cm
  • 40 cm tray : Length: 45.5 cm, Width: 32.8 cm, Height: 13.4 cm
  • 50 cm tray : Length: 56.2 cm, Width: 41 cm, Height: 14 cm

Interior measurements:

  • 30 cm tray : Inner length: 30 cm, Inner width: 30 cm, Inner height: 6.5 cm
  • 35 cm tray : Inner length: 35 cm, Inner width: 25 cm, Inner height: 6 cm
  • 40 cm tray : Inner length: 40 cm, Inner width: 32 cm, Inner height: 8.5 cm
  • 50 cm tray : Inner length: 50.2 cm, Inner width: 40 cm, Inner height: 8 cm

History of De Buyer

De Buyer is a family business that has been manufacturing kitchen items for professionals and fine dining restaurants around the world since 1830. It currently has more than 2,000 products in its catalog and exports to 95 countries. With great influence on French cuisine, De Buyer collaborates with prestigious cooking schools such as l' É cole Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l' É cole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.

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