The original pellet barbecue

Traeger pellet barbecues

The natural choice for the most cooks

In 1985, Joe Traeger invented the first wood pellet barbecue, pioneering a movement that has revolutionized the shape and taste of outdoor cooking , defying the standards set by gas or charcoal.

Currently, Traeger is the leading brand with its pellet barbecues, the best sellers in the world , having a wide variety of designs, as well as different types of pellets with which to enhance the flavor of what is cooked.

Summer in the Traegerhood


Why a pellet barbecue

Much more than a barbecue. It is an outdoor oven.

It's not just a barbecue. You can roast, cook or braise in a casserole, bake bread, pizza or biscuits like in a wood oven, and smoke!

In a few minutes you have it at the temperature you want and you have a large surface to cook on.

The highest technology and the greatest simplicity.

It is very simple and intuitive to use, just like the oven at home. And much more efficient! Its consumption is minimal. In addition, you can also manage it from your mobile so you don't miss a thing from the party. All a smart barbecue!

Do you think that with just one button you will have the barbecue ready in a few minutes to start using it?

Ideal for those looking for the essence of barbecue.

Pellet barbecues leave that classic barbecue aroma, but with greater effectiveness, without complications and easy cleaning.

In addition, you can choose the pellet of different woods to smoke with the flavor nuances you want. Wonderful!

All information about Traeger barbecues

All information about Traeger barbecues

Answer all your questions about Traeger barbecues

In this post we try to explain why Traeger is the number 1 pellet barbecue brand in the world, what you can do with them, how they work and how to choose well.