WMF FusionTec Iron Fry Pan 24cm

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The WMF FusionTec Frying Pan is a magnificent piece, perfect both for your everyday dishes and for the most elaborate festive recipes. Made of cast iron, non-stick free and 100% natural, with high heat retention, in it you will be able to fry, sauté, prepare sauces or sear the meat.

Its timeless and elegant design makes it the perfect frying pan. One of those pieces that you will love to bring to the table and impress your most demanding guests.

FusionTec is born from the fusion at 860º C of a steel core with a porcelain combination (composed of more than 20 minerals such as feldspar, quartz, calcite or borax), forming a single inseparable piece of 3 layers. No enamel and totally nickel free.

Perfect for searing meats and vegetables, or for your grilled, sautéed and stir-fried recipes, you will be able to brown, cook and stew everything you set your mind to, with extraordinary results. The FusionTec Skillet allows you to cook efficiently and healthy.

  • Very fast heating and fantastic heat retention.
  • Homogeneous heat diffusion.
  • Non-porous surface, so it does not absorb odours or flavours.
  • Natural anti-adhesion.
  • Extremely resistant to scratches, abrasions, corrosion and discoloration.
  • Hollow handles that do not get hot with normal use, since the heat is distributed over a larger. area through the welding points. Silicone protection for a more comfortable grip.
  • Hollow handle that does not get hot in the 28 cm frying pan for a better grip.

Its great resistance to high temperatures combined with its natural anti-adherence, the speed with which it heats up, its enormous heat retention and the speed with which it transmits it to food, make it perfect for cooking any recipe, from the most traditional to the most demanding and sophisticated.


  • Two sizes to choose from: 24 cm frying pan and 28 cm frying pan (with additional handle)
  • WMF offers a 30-year warranty on FusionTec.
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.
  • Oven safe up to 260°C.
  • Very easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Excellent retention and heat distribution.
  • Non-porous, does not absorb odors or flavors.
  • Exceptionally smooth and hard surface. It does not lose colour or rust.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Wide anti-spill edge.

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Why we like the WMF FusionTec Frypan

  1. It is a perfect pan to prepare impressive recipes. Tasty and with little oil. Your stir-fries will be Michelin star. Rich and very healthy!
  2. No matter how many uses you give it, it will always be like the first day. It is nearly indestructible, does not lose color, does not rust, and is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, and cuts.
  3. We love its beautiful black design, combined with the stainless steel handle and handle. A timeless design for the most demanding!
  4. It is perfect for cooking those pieces of meat that always resist you. The sealing is ideal, thanks to how it maintains heat and how quickly it transmits it to the food.
  5. They are made in Germany and WMF offers a 30-year guarantee!

The history of WMF

WMF is a German company founded in 1853 in Geislingen, which originally produced all kinds of metal articles. With almost 6,000 employees today, WMF has 40 offices around the world and is known for the quality, strength and excellent design of its products.

the finish Cromargan®, patented in 1930 by the WMF company, is unique to their products. This stainless steel alloy with a 18/10 ferrous combination gives the article great scratch resistance and is resistant to acids. Whether the finish is glossy or satin matt, Cromargan® it is easier to clean than other finishes and offers a consistent appearance for life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Eva H.M.
Sartén de hierro fundido FusionTec de WMF

La satén tiene una calidad excelente, mostrando gran capacidad de durabilidad. Eso sí, por sus características es un poco pesada. Se calienta muy rápido y los alimentos se cocinan de forma diferente! Si se siguen las instrucciones de la marca y los videos tutoriales de Claudia Julia no se pega nada! Un gran acierto!

Asuncion A.
Parece muy robusta .

La he usado solo 1 Vez. Es antiadherente, se calienta rapido, consume menos.
Solo le encuentro una pega, pesa muchisimo y para volcar los alimentos tengo que utilizar las dos manos.

Alfredo M.G.
Sutil y bonita. Líneas muy rectas de aspecto aleman

Muy buena calidad. Prácticamente indestructible. Es bueno seguir los consejos para que su uso sea un exito

Jose S.
Sartén de hierro fundido FusionTec de WMF

Sigue como nueva. Fácil mantenimiento después de uso. En la web de la casa tiene un pdf de recetas de cocina.

Mercedes C.G.
De momento, se pega.

Todavía no he conseguido hacer un pescado a la plancha sin que se pegue y se deshaga todo. Espero que mejore y que el precio y la fama sean justificadas. Si alguien puede indicarme cómo proceder, estaría agradecida. Sólo pongo una estrella sin perjuicio de que pueda cambiar a la vista de los futuros resultados.

Hola Mercedes.

Lamentamos mucho lo sucedido con la sartén de hierro fundido de WMF.
Contactaremos contigo lo antes posible para poder ayudarte con algunos consejos para cocinar en hierro.

Muchas gracias y un saludo.

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