Le Creuset 3-piece Starter Set with Silicone Tool

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The Le Creuset 3-piece set is a complete set of three utensils with which you will enjoy cooking and serving your best recipes. It includes a cast iron 24cm Sauteuse type cocotte that is perfect for sautéing, simmering, and braising; a stoneware 23cm Classic Square Tray for mouth-watering bakes and roasts; and a silicone 20cm Cool Tool to protect your surfaces from hot cookware. Three pieces as practical as they are beautiful, with the quality of Le Creuset.

What's included in the set

  • Low cast iron 24cm Sauteuse type cocotte

Known as the cast iron risotto pan , this is a wide cocotte, like the traditional Le Creuset cocotte, but with lower walls. It is a very versatile piece, an ideal casserole for preparing all kinds of roasts, rice dishes, fish, soupy stews or biscuits, with excellent and very tasty results.

It is suitable for all types of fires (including induction) and oven. It can also be frozen in it and washed in the dishwasher. Le Creuset saucepans and cocottes are particularly suitable for slow cookers over low heat to obtain the most tender and flavorful meats.

This low cocotte is ideal if what you are looking for is a wide cocotte and the height is not essential in your stews . It is exactly the same cocotte, with the same design, material and finishes, as Le Creuset's most popular cast iron casserole, but with two advantages to take into account:

    • Its weight is lower than that of the traditional 24 cm cocotte. By having lower walls there is less amount of iron, therefore, it is not as heavy as the traditional cocotte of the same diameter.
    • As there is less height, the lid is closer to the food . It will heat up like the rest of the cocotte in the oven, but since there is less distance, by radiating the heat, it helps to cook more quickly, and especially in meats, a fabulous roast is achieved (it is golden in less time).

The low roaster type cocotte from Le Creuset has a diameter of 24 cm and a capacity of 3.4 liters. It is a piece that has a lifetime guarantee.

  • 23cm Classic Square Tray

This square tray is one of the Le Creuset classics. A very versatile dish, ideal for roasting meat, fish or vegetables, gratin lasagna, cannelloni or macaroni or even for your sweetest recipes or for baking bread! In addition, its beautiful design invites you to take it to the table just as it comes out of the oven.

It is a stoneware ceramic fountain like no other. Made with the most robust clay on the market and fired at 1300 °C to create a unique product, with exceptional durability and great virtues:

    • Le Creuset stoneware ceramic is highly resistant to knocks, scratches and stains.
    • Its non-porous enamel surface does not absorb odors or flavours, it is very easy to clean, leaving a shiny finish.
    • The ceramic is innocuous and waterproofed, which guarantees that humidity will not affect the quality of your tray.
    • You can bake with it without any fear, since it offers high resistance to both heat and cold, with temperatures from -23 °C to 260 °C.
    • It is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
    • It has a 10-year guarantee.
The Le Creuset square ceramic tray measures 23 cm , is 5 cm high and has a capacity of 1.8 litres . To guarantee its durability, do not use it on direct heat and avoid thermal contrasts.
    • Silicone 20cm Cool Tool

    The Le Creuset Silicone Cool Tool is the piece that completes this set. It is a very functional and necessary complement to protect your tables and tablecloths from the heat of the cocotte or tray, without damaging your utensils.

    It allows you to present your recipes as they come out of the oven without any problem and serve them at the table. In addition, it is flexible, so it can be used as a potholder or mitten, to hold the trays, or to remove dishes and pans from the oven.

    You can also use it under your cutting boards when you need to keep them stable, since being made of silicone acts as a non-slip base.

    It is very resistant to high temperatures (up to 250 °C) , has a diameter of 20 cm and is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Durable and also resistant to stains, it is an essential in your kitchen.

    Why we like the Le Creuset 3-piece Set

    1. It is a very complete set with three essential pieces in the kitchen.
    2. It is an ideal set to give away, and to give it to yourself!
    3. The cocotte is very versatile. You can roast in the oven, cook on the fire or on the barbecue.
    4. It is perfect for meat, fish or for stews that do not need to be cooked in casseroles with high walls. Ideal for risottos!
    5. By having lower walls, it weighs less than the traditional cocotte.
    6. And since the lid is closer to the meat, it browns faster and better.
    7. The ceramic tray will give you a lot of play.
    8. And the trivet is also a great oven mitt.

    The history of Le Creuset

    Le Creuset is a French brand of household goods, famous throughout the world for its quality and a leader in the enameled cast iron, stoneware ceramic and kitchen accessories sectors, among other items.

    Founded in 1925, Le Creuset makes top-notch cookware. Used by chefs and cooks around the world, Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unmatched durability.

    The famous cocottes have been made for more than 80 years at the Le Creuset facility in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.

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    El producto tal y como me lo esperaba. Gran calidad y, sin sorpresas, por parte de nadie. El envío rapidísimo, como siempre, y el paquete muy bien envuelto. Es una web de confianza, con productos de calidad y servicio top.

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    Llevaba un tiempo pensando en ella y ha sido na muy buena elección


    El año pasado compré el lote de Le Creuset para regalar,enamoró y me enamoré,este año me lo he autoregalado,es un valor seguro en la cocina y el conjunto es excelente.100%recomendable.

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    La cacerola permite guisos de calidad y cantidad suficiente para 3-4 personas. El salvamantel muy útil. La bandeja nos ha parecido un poco pequeña, pero de gran calidad.

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