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Bio Tellier Release Spray is ideal for use both in your pastry and pastry recipes and for everyday cooking. The mold release spray is the ideal substitute for butter or oil when using it in your utensils so that the dough does not stick to the mold, in addition to having other uses with which to get a lot of use out of it!

Uses of mold release spray

With its 250 ml , this ecological oil spray is perfect for spraying on all types of:

  • pans, grills, grills or irons
  • molds, trays and oven mats,
  • It is a great solution for greasing crepe makers, waffle irons or pancake pans,
  • and also foods before cooking them in your air fryer .

The organic spray allows easy release of the organic rapeseed oil inside . The oil comes from organic farming , completely odorless and tasteless , so you will not notice any odors or flavors that could interfere with the final result of your preparations.

What to use Bio Tellier Mold Release Spray for

Use of spray in baking

The release spray is perfect for quickly, conveniently, practically and uniformly greasing all types of trays, silicone mats or moulds, and easily demoulding your madeleines, cupcakes, cakes, financiers or sponge cakes. Even in molds with closed angles and many details! Therefore, it is a perfect spray to unmold bundt cakes easily and is also ideal for use in muffin molds, baking trays for making cakes, ceramic cake molds, stainless steel molds...

Take advantage of the virtues of mold release spray! It is applied very easily, without the need to use other oils or butter, obtaining great results when removing the mold.

Use of spray in everyday cooking

The Bio Tellier spray is a spray based on organic rapeseed oil grown with organic farming certification, so you can use it without problems for cooking. Spray lightly on meat, fish or vegetables before putting them in the pan or on the grill. This way, you will get a uniform layer of oil, preventing food from sticking to the pan and grill.

Using the spray in your oven and oil-free fryer

Air fryers require minimal oil; It is only necessary to apply a tablespoon of oil spread over the food. But instead of applying that tablespoon of oil, you can perfectly use the Tellier spray. It will be applied evenly throughout the food, and as it is oil-based, you ensure perfect cooking in the fryer.

In your croquettes, potatoes, empanadas, in the chicken breasts, sausages or meatballs that you make in the fryer... Apply the spray, and you will see the good results you get by just spraying a minimum of oil!

Likewise in your roasts or grill in the oven: if you make vegetables, meat or fish in a tray in the oven or with the grill function, spray with the Tellier spray, you will see how well it works!

Spray characteristics

  • Net volume at 20°C: 250 ml.
  • Organic rapeseed oil spray with organic farming certification seal.
  • No smell or taste.
  • Suitable for home and professional use.

Why we like Bio Tellier Mold Release Spray

  1. Its application is very comfortable, fast and simple.
  2. This is rapeseed oil, a vegetable oil with an organic farming certification seal.
  3. Perfect for baking, pastry, cooking, oven and air fryer. The perfect combo!
  4. No smell or added flavor that alters the final result of your preparations.

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