Today I have a lot to tell you! We want to collaborate with the "Amics Joan Petit" foundation and we have decided to organize two actions so that you can also participate. The first is a very special raffle with which you can win a cocotte ; the second is the purchase of a gift card with which you lose nothing. Let me tell you everything!

Yes, we are running a raffle! It is not just any raffle: we are launching a recipe raffle in which men, women, adults, children can participate... It is open to everyone, and has only one condition: that when you eat it you say I'm happy!

All recipes will be entered into a raffle (there are no better or worse recipes, they are all accepted!). The winning recipe will win a Le Creuset iron cocotte.

What is this about?, you ask. Well, the fact is that we would like to do our bit in the party/tournament that the Joan Petit Foundation organizes every year in a different city and that this 2016 is celebrated on June 4 in Mataró.

Joan Petit is the name of the foundation that for 16 years, initially through a roller hockey party-tournament for the little ones who are starting out in the grassroots sport, pays a great tribute to the boys and girls who are in cancer treatment.

The funds raised are allocated each year to childhood cancer research projects, in addition to other collaborations with referral hospitals for pediatric cancer.

The organization was initially born from the experience of Joan Petit and many boys and girls in the same situation, and from this, trying to help other children who may suffer from it in the present and future. Apart from the dissemination of the disease, other initiatives such as the one we propose are organized, all through the efforts of volunteers, to entertain children and raise funds.

We would like to join this precious initiative and collaborate to help this noble end.

Therefore, we have thought of two things:

- We launch the recipe contest I'm Happy! This was a phrase that little Joan used to say very often, and we are sure that with one of your delicious recipes he would also mention it. To participate, you just have to send us a recipe in a word document to The word document must contain your personal data (name, surname, telephone number and contact email), a title, the ingredients and the method of preparation. The recipe must be yours, copies from the internet are not worth it (The cause is worth it!). From some cookies to a baked sea bass... Share with us that recipe that makes you happy! If you want to participate, you can send your recipe to be happy. The deadline to participate is next May 29 .

On June 1, which is the day the foundation's next party/tournament is held (in Mataró this year), the draw will be held publicly, with an innocent hand chosen at random, who will have to blindly choose one of the recipes (we will take them all printed). The winner will take a 24cm * Le Creuset cocotte , to enjoy many other meals that bring out other smiles.

- We would also like to encourage you to collaborate with the foundation. As we know that times are not easy and we also want to help, we have thought that for every €5 that you put in, we will provide you with €5 to buy at Claudia&Julia . Thus, in fact, you do not lose anything... While there are children who earn a lot! You can process your donation through this voucher that we have created ( here ): you only have to buy a voucher of €5, and while you receive your voucher to give or buy in the store for the same value (without any time limit) , Claudia&Julia will donate those €5 to the Foundation . On the same day, June 4, we will notify the Joan Petit Foundation of all the proceeds.

Thank you for helping us in the cause!

*The winner does not have to be present at the draw: they will be contacted afterwards to choose the color of the cocotte they want, and it will be sent by MRW throughout the following week. Likewise, the result of the draw will be communicated on our social networks.

Claudia Ferrer

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