I have seen few recipes that are so easy, fun, quick to prepare and ideal to enjoy at the table as making this baked Camembert cheese recipe turned into a mummy for Halloween . You're going to dip until there's no mummy left!

You will see that it doesn't take even 2 minutes to get it ready, it looks super aesthetic and fun for the table, and the truth is that enjoying the cheese in dipped bites is a delicious and perfect option as a starter or for dinner.

Take advantage of the oven time to make some roasted carrots, Va

Naturals Nordic Ware Tray and Emile Henry Cheese Dish


For the Cheese Mummy:

  • A round Camembert or Brie cheese
  • a puff pastry
  • A couple of black olives
  • A carrot
  • egg to brush
To accompany and dip:
  • sticks or crackers
  • Toasted bread
  • roasted carrots
  • Roasted pear or apple


  1. Extend the puff pastry sheet and with a pizza cutter or a sharp knife cut it into strips.
  2. Slice a couple of black olives, keeping the center rings.
  3. Peel a carrot, and cut a couple of circles from the bottom end.
  4. Dispose the carrot tips and top the black olive rings to prepare the eyes. Next, wrap the cheese with a few strips of puff pastry, like bandages.
  5. Arrange the camembert in the cheese tray or in a dish suitable for the oven.
  6. Brush the puff pastry with beaten egg.
  7. Introduce the cheese in the oven, preheated to 210 ºC and in the upper part of the oven. Keep it about 10 minutes, until the puff pastry has browned.

Camembert with puff pastry

To make roasted carrots

When you cut the carrot tops to make the eyes, you can take the opportunity to peel a few more and cut them lengthwise. Arrange them on a baking tray (for me, the Naturals Nordic Ware Tray is perfect for these loose roasting things, the brand's flagship product in the USA -Yes, even more so than bundt molds! They are so practical and versatile ).

Sprinkle salt and pepper and drizzle with oil, and place in the oven along with "the mummy cheese" (if you have one of the small trays it's great, because everything fits in the same oven tray). Since the oven is very hot and the tray is on top, you will see that they roast quickly.

Naturals Nordic Ware Tray , Emile Henry Cheese Dish and Le Creuset Pumpkin Plates


  • I saw the recipe some time ago on an American website, Delish , and although they made it with Brie, it is just as wonderful with Camembert. Choose the option that you like best at home.
  • Don't walk away from the oven! As it is brushed and the oven is hot, you will see that the puff pastry is made quickly. And you can't go too far, because otherwise the cheese will melt and lose its grace.
  • For reddish eyes, you can also use bell peppers as in the original recipe or tomatoes. I have preferred to use carrots -they take on color when browned and that is how I took the opportunity to prepare the carrot tray: roasted carrots are ideal for dipping cheese in.
  • Serve the cheese also with some crackers, sticks or toasted bread cut into strips. Cheese is for dipping!
  • If you are one hundred percent in Halloween mode, you can also set the table with some nuts: they stop brains, and they go perfectly with the flavor of cheese.

And let's not forget that Halloween is the day of the Chestnut! What about accompanying it with some roasted chestnuts at home? Like the walnuts, they look like brainiacs, and with the cheese I assure you they will be terrifying!!

What do you say, are you going to dip this Halloween? We have a deal?

Claudia Ferrer


Una Casa con Vistas said:

Qué original! Tiene que estar super bueno, nosotros somos fans del camembert

Inés said:

¡Me encanta! Qué divertido y fácil, la probaré sin duda. ¡Gracias!

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