XL steamer accessory for Magimix Cook Expert robot

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The Magimix XXL steamer accessory is the ideal kitchen ally to turn your Magimix Cook Expert robot in the ideal utensil for cooking in a healthy way and preserving all the flavour and nutrients of your recipes.

The XXL steamer accessory is made of stainless steel and features a 5.5 litre capacity, and can be attached to the3 steam accessory that is already included with Magimix robot, giving you a total capacity of 8 litres.

It also includes an additional glass lid and stainless-steel bowl, which are perfect for preparing rice and cereals or other dishes.

The biggest advantage of the XXL steamer is not only its large capacity, but also that you can steam different foods at the same time: the Cook Expert Magimix Steam Cooker accessory means you’ll be able to make up to 3 preparations at the same time. For example, you can make a sauce in the small attachment, while cooking vegetables in the inner steamer basket, and simultaneously cook a whole fish in the XL Steamer attachment.

Its large size will allow you to cook for all the whole family and means you can cook the first and second courses at the same time, or if you are interested you can cook extra to prep your meals for another day.


Why we love the XL steamer for Magimix Cook Expert

  1. We love to cook healthy food everyday.
  2. The robot itself already has the steam function pre-programmed, so using it is as easy as placing the accessory on the robot and programming the function in one click.
  3. It is made using the highest quality materials and is completely free from BPA.
  4. Being able to cook different dishes at the same time in a single appliance saves you space, time and washing up dirty utensils. It's a great accessory!

Magimix’s story

More than forty years ago, Magimix invented its first food processor in Burgundy, France. They enjoyed such huge success that they began to make more kitchen utensils including mixers, toasters, juicers and a huge range of other products. Today, Magimix utensils are the domestic version for professional level utensils, offering a great quality guarantee, as well as providing products that are made in a sustainable way.

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Customer Reviews

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Sara B.M.

Es Justo lo que quería tiene una capacidad brutal perfecto para un buen batch cooking


Complemento muy útil para la Cook Expert. Puedes cocinar en varios niveles al mismo tiempo. Facil, cocina saludable y comoda porque lo puedes meter todo en el lavavajillas. Es grande, asi que también perfecta si soys unos cuantos en casa o os gusta preparar batch cooking.