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Kuhn Rikon's Wave Kitchen Organizer is the perfect solution for keeping kitchen drawers tidy . Each of the different formats in which it is presented will allow you to organize table spoons, knives and forks , as well as the rest of the kitchen utensils and knives .

You can combine the modular organizers as you need, or use them separately to have your cutlery organized as you prefer. Their different measurements will allow you to adapt them to the space of your drawers and also to the dimensions of your utensils.

All the organizers have a corrugated base that helps to catch the cutlery and different utensils with ease . In addition, they are stackable , so you can place them one on top of the other, at various heights, optimizing space.

They are not only a perfect modular solution for organizing kitchen utensils, but they will also help you keep order in your desk drawers in the office or sink drawers in the bathroom . And they are ideal for organizing the colors of the little ones at home : crayons, pencils, markers or brushes, they will finally be in order!

In their different sizes they are a great solution for your drawers. Both the table cutlery, as well as the smaller ones for dessert or lunch, such as kitchen knives or spatulas, ladles and tongues will always be ordered and in their place.

Kuhn Rikon's Wave kitchen organizer is presented in the following formats :

  • organizer S. Measurements: 7.6 cm (width) x 15.2 cm (length) x 5 cm (height).
  • Organizer M. Measurements: 7.6 cm (width) x 22.8 cm (length) x 5 cm (height).
  • organizer L. Measurements: 7.6 cm (width) x 30.5 cm (length) x 5 cm (height).
  • XL organizer . Measurements: 15.2 cm (width) x 38.1 (length) x 5 cm (height).
  • Knife organizer . Measurements: 15 cm (width) x 38 cm (length) x 5.5 cm (height). It has space for up to 14 knives with edges of different lengths. The inner pieces protect the edge of the knives and are mobile to be able to adjust them to the different sizes of the blades.
  • Set of 6 pieces . Includes:
    • 1 knife organizer
    • 2 organizers L
    • 1 organizer M
    • 2 organizers S

All organizers are suitable for drawers with a minimum height of 6 cm and are very easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. They have a two-year warranty.

Why we like Kuhn Rikon's Wave Kitchen Organizer

  1. It is a great solution to always keep your drawers tidy.
  2. They are perfect for the kitchen, office, bathroom and children's rooms.
  3. ITS wavy base is a plus, to easily pick up the cutlery.
  4. All formats are stackable.
  5. And you can combine formats as you need.
  6. The knife organizer is a great help to protect your hands and the edge of the knives.
  7. From tableware to spatulas, you'll have everything in its place!

The Kuhn Rikon story

Kuhn Rikon manufactures cookware in Switzerland with a long tradition dating back to 1899 . It currently maintains its headquarters in Rikon (Switzerland) and subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain and the United States. Its Duromatic brand is synonymous with quality pressure cookers throughout the world, but also manufactures all kinds of high quality kitchen utensils that allow efficient and healthy cooking.

In addition to the renowned Swiss quality of its products, his passion for design has led him to obtain Prestigious design awards including New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have recognized good execution of his design, and he sells selected Kuhn Rikon products in his own store.

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