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With the new WMF Milk&Choc your breakfasts will be perfect, because with it you can:

  • Froth the milk in your coffee or cappuccino like a real barista. A creamy foam, with hot milk or your soy, oatmeal or almond drink, to savor the most important moment of the morning.
  • Prepare a most comforting chocolate drink in no time. The favorite of the little ones in the house.
  • Melt a bar of chocolate for breakfast pancakes or waffles. Or for your desserts or your pastry recipes, without resorting to a bain-marie.
  • Prepare your frappé drinks very fresh and with a foam with a dense and very tasty texture, even with cold milk!

Just by pressing a button and regardless of the temperature , this versatile whisk will allow you to have the drink you most want ready in no time or melt chocolate to prepare dessert. Its elegant and robust design, added to the power of its motor and the efficiency of its rods, make the Milk&Choc your best asset for breakfast, snacks and desserts.


  • Milk foam capacity from 150 ml to 350 ml and in hot milk from 150 ml to 500 ml
  • 650W power that allows you to froth even cold milk and vegetable drinks
  • One Touch technology. Automatic shutdown at the end of the selected program
  • button with led illumination
  • 4 functions to choose
  • Rods that achieve a foam with a dense texture and full of flavor
  • Very precise pouring spout
  • Easy cleaning. All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Robust body and carafe made of Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel
  • Compact measurements: 20 cm x 23 cm x 20 cm
  • 2 years warranty

NOTE: In general, vegetable drinks can be more difficult to emulsify than animal milk, since protein and fat are the key elements for this. The special "barista" vegetable milks, by containing stabilizers, achieve a better effect, especially soy or almond milk. Regarding the oatmeal, although it can be somewhat more complicated, you can get very good results depending on the composition of each brand, even with the most commercial ones. Some of the ones we have tried have pleasantly surprised us by the amount of foam that results and the consistency of it, even when cold! Even so, with vegetable drinks we cannot guarantee a foam like that of milk of animal origin for the reasons mentioned and the result to achieve it will really depend on the quality or the brand used.

Why we like WMF Milk&Choc

  1. There is no faster and easier way to enjoy a latte or a cappuccino with a creamy, dense foam and great flavor.
  2. Preparing a chocolate for the children is going to be sewing and singing! Quick and without mess , in a moment you will have a delicious chocolate ready for the snack of the little ones in the house.
  3. You will not need to heat the milk to have a superior category foam.
  4. You will be able to undo a chocolate bar, without resorting to a bain-marie, for your best confectionery preparations.
  5. It is beautiful, robust and designed with all the details so that its use is an extraordinary experience.

The WMF story

WMF is a German company founded in 1853 in Geislingen, which originally produced all kinds of metal articles. With almost 6,000 employees today, WMF has 40 offices around the world and is known for the quality, strength and excellent design of its products.

the finish Cromargan® , patented in 1930 by the WMF company, is exclusive to its products. This stainless steel alloy with a 18/10 ferrous mix gives the item high scratch resistance and is resistant to acids. Whether the finish is gloss or satin matte, Cromargan® it is easier to clean than other finishes and offers a consistent appearance for life.

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Customer Reviews

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El aparato se me hace lento,ruidoso, y la espuma no tiene mucho cuerpo

Buen producto

Muy buena calidad. La leche queda perfecta en poquísimo tiempo. El chocolate también, pero solo para hacer un chocolate a la francesa. No sirve para el chocolate espeso y oscuro, pues no alcanza la temperatura necesaria para espesar, ni se le puede echar más que 34 gramos de cacao. Por lo demás, muy bien, y todo lavable en lavavajillas

Alicia S.M.

He hecho una buenísima comora

Maria I.M.
Espuma muy densa y rápida

Me encanta, ahora disfruto de un desayuno de bufet de hotel.Es muy fácil de utilizar y la temperatura es perfecta.Muy cómodo de limpiar.El batido de chocolate sale muy bueno,no es chocolate a la taza.Estoy muy contenta con la compra.Llegó en perfectas condiciones y en el tiempo establecido.

Ana G.
Un acierto

Lo adquirí para regalar y ha sido todo un acierto funciona perfectamente con todos los tipos de leche. Calidad WMF perfecta