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Choose the Cutting Disc for Magimix and enjoy grated vegetables and fruits or with the cut that you like the most in the blink of an eye! Are the perfect accessory for magimix food processor if you love vegetables julienned or sliced ​​in different thicknesses ! You even have one to grate cheese without even realizing it.

Transform potatoes, sweet potatoes and other vegetables and fruits into uniform strips or slices of the thickness you prefer. Grate tomatoes for sauce or zucchini to prepare some delicious fritters. You will prepare the vegetables in record time! And if you want parmesan to gratin, in a few seconds you will have it ready to sprinkle

The discs are stainless steel, resistant and completely odorless and tasteless, perfect for cutting and grating. Its blades are very resistant and precise , and will always stay sharp. After use, the cutting disc can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

You have the following disks:

  • Cutter/slicer disc 2 mm.
  • Disc for julienne.
  • Parmesan grating disc.
  • 6mm grating disc.
  • Cutter/slicer disc 6 mm.
  • 6 mm wide julienne disc (tagliatelle).
  • Extra wide julienne disc.

Why we like the Magimix cutting disc

  1. Is he perfect accessory for your Magimix to be able to quickly cut vegetables and fruits julienne.
  2. It is easy to use and clean .
  3. You will be able to prepare an infinity of recipes!
  4. It will make you less lazy than ever to start slicing vegetables and fruits, or julienne them, since in a plis plas you will have it done .
  5. You will grate without problem even the Parmesan!

It serves both to complement your Magimix Cook Expert robot and the 3200XL, 4200XL and 5200XL Food Processor .

The drive is suitable for Magimix 3150, 3200, 3200 XL, 4150, 4200, 4200, 4200xl, 5150, 5200 and 5200xl processor models.

history of magimix

More than forty years ago, in France, specifically in Burgundy, Magimix invented its first food processor. Their success was so great that they began to produce more kitchen utensils such as mixers, toasters, juicers and a long list. Today, Magimix utensils are the domestic version for all professionals' utensils, offering great quality and guarantee, as well as manufacturing in a sustainable way with the environment.

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