After great efforts to develop the new Alchimy range , with which it offers Tri-layer background pieces with a thickness superior to that of the market and a fabulous finish in professional pieces designed for individuals, De Buyer celebrates its new range in style.

What can you win?

De Buyer has organized a double prize, so that everyone has a chance to win:

1) For every Buyer's Alchimy product you purchase, you have a chance to win an entire Alchimy battery valued at €650.
2) For the purchase of 2 Alchimy pieces , a guaranteed prize! Receive your personalized professional apron valued at €60 for free.

We tell you how to participate!

Giveaway of 50 Alchimy batteries valued at €650!

For every Alchimy De Buyer piece you buy, you can win an entire Alchimy drum kit valued at €650.

How to take part?

Inside each Alchimy product pack you will find a card with a code. Go to , press the button "JE PARTICIPE" and enter the code of your products. It will tell you instantly if you have one of the 50 winning codes!

  • You can participate with the purchase of any pan, wok, sauté, pumped sauté, saucepan or pot from the Alchimy range (not valid for tapas).
  • Each product is a participation, so you can enter as many codes as products you buy -Will you have one of the winning codes?
  • 50 lots of Alchimy 100% made in France are being raffled, consisting of 8 items: 2 saucepans ø 16 - 20 cm / low conical saucepan. ø 16 - 20 - 24 cm), in short, a most complete battery to equip the kitchen and valued at €650.


Receive your free personalized apron with the purchase of 2 Alchimy products!

For the purchase of 2 Alchimy products, SURE PRIZE! Enter HERE , leave your data, upload a copy of your purchase receipt showing that you have purchased two Alchimy products and in a few weeks you will receive at home the beautiful De Buyer apron personalized with your name , valued at €60 and with that French and professional De Buyer look.

What are you waiting for? Run to see the fantastic LACHIMY COLLECTION from De Buyer!