We stand in solidarity with Ukraine

At Claudia&Julia we stand in solidarity with those affected by the war in Ukraine. For this reason we have decided to contribute 1% of our sales to Save the Children to support their work with children in Ukraine.

🖤 ​​Thank you very much for helping us make it possible

Save the children can offer medical attention and a shelter for a boy or girl with a contribution of 50 euros. If 1% of the country's GDP were donated, we would have 1,000 million euros a month in humanitarian aid for those who need us most.


Ukraine needs our solidarity

There is no safe place in Ukraine. 7.5 million children in Ukraine are at grave risk of physical harm, serious emotional distress and displacement following the escalation of the conflict.

The bombings and explosions in many cities in the country have forced children and families to take refuge in basements and bomb shelters. We know that dozens of boys and girls have already died as a result of the attacks and this figure, unfortunately, increases day by day.

More than 40% of the people who have fled Ukraine are minors . At least 1 million displaced children face extreme conditions, being forced to spend days and nights outdoors without any shelter and in temperatures below 0ºC.