Pebbly Vacuum Set with Pump and Containers

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By Pebbly
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Experience the vacuum packaging revolution with Pebbly! This innovative vacuum preservation set is designed to prolong the freshness and durability of your homemade foods and dishes. With the convenience of vacuum preservation technique, you not only reduce food waste, you also save money!

This set of 4 containers and vacuum pump is great, because it helps you not only organize your pantry and refrigerator or take food to work, but it allows you to vacuum in a few seconds and taking up very little space - It is the vacuum pump! Smallest vacuum we have seen and it is super effective!

The set includes:

  • A selection of four practical rectangular glass containers , each with an integrated vacuum valve to remove air: 460 ml, 800 ml, 1200 ml and 1900 ml. These containers are ideal for storing a variety of foods, from single servings to family meals.

  • A compact, easy-to-use vacuum sealing pump that ensures an airtight seal on each container. With its USB charging cable, you will always be ready to keep your food fresh and tasty for longer.

This vacuum preservation set is the perfect solution to maintain the freshness of your food in a simple and effective way, avoiding waste and maximizing the durability of your homemade meals.

How to use the Pebbly pump

Using the pump is very easy: you just have to place the pump on the lid of the Pebbly container (in the hole designed for it) and press the pump button. In ten seconds , the pump will extract the air from the container, thus creating a vacuum and prolonging the conservation of your preparations.

Note: You will notice how the pump changes its sound the moment the process ends. If the container is very full of food (and there is little air in the container), the process can be faster; and on the contrary, if the container is very empty, it may take 12 or 15 seconds to create a complete vacuum.

About Pebbly Vacuum Pump

Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the Pebbly electronic vacuum packaging pump recharges via a USB Type-C port (cable included). It removes air and moisture from glass containers, preventing oxidation and deterioration of food, thus maintaining its freshness for longer.

Benefits of vacuum preservation

  1. Longer shelf life: By removing air from around foods, the growth of microorganisms is slowed and oxidation is reduced, prolonging the freshness and shelf life of foods.

  2. Waste prevention: By extending the shelf life of food, the risk of food spoilage is minimized, helping to reduce food waste.

  3. Preservation of nutrients: By keeping food vacuum sealed, the original nutrients, flavors and textures are better preserved, maintaining the quality of the food for longer.

  4. Makes Meal Prep Easier: Allows you to pre-package individual portions or full meals, making meal organization and planning easier.

  5. Protection against moisture and odors: Vacuum packaging protects food from moisture and the absorption of unwanted odors from the surrounding environment, maintaining its original flavor and freshness.

  6. Efficient Storage: By removing air, vacuum-sealed packages take up less space in the refrigerator or freezer, maximizing available storage space.

Pebbly History

Pebbly, established in 2015, is a leading French brand that offers simple, functional and attractive products for the kitchen. Based in Bordeaux, France, its product design, carried out by a team of French designers, focuses on simplicity and utility. Committed to sustainability, Pebbly uses natural materials such as glass, bamboo, wood and organic cotton to minimize waste. The company distinguishes itself for its innovative approach to environmental responsibility, providing products that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Pebbly operates in certified factories in France, China, Italy and Vietnam, guaranteeing the ethical and sustainable production of its variety of products, standing out for its contribution to more conscious consumption.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Conchi A.
Set de vacio de Pebbly

Es rápido y efectivo. El dispositivo tiene mucho tiempo de autonomía y ocupa muy poco espacio. Los recipientes son de borosilicato y al realizar el vacío evitan la oxidación dando a los alimentos una calidad óptima.

Carmen H.B.
Muy practico

Para mi es perfecto, recipientes con varias medidas y la bomba muy agil

Iciar J.i.

Lo más

La bomba!

Me encantan estos recipientes de Pebbly para guardar al vacío. Son muy versátiles ya sea para comida cocinada o cruda. El diseño es precioso y se almacenan facilmente. Realmente útiles! Gracias Claudia&Julia por un servicio perfecto, como siempre!

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