De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Saucepan with Golden Handle

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With the elegant Inocuivre Copper Saucepan with Golden Handle by De Buyer you can confit, fry, caramelize or reduce sauces in a simple and very efficient way. As beautiful as it is versatile, it will become your best assistant in the preparation of your recipes. The saucepan combines tradition and innovation, with design and manufacturing, partly handmade, that make it a unique instrument with which to prepare wonderful dishes.

This copper saucepan with golden handle will allow you to cook all types of preparations very efficiently over low heat, with exceptional results. Thanks to the great temperature conductivity of copper , you will achieve fast and uniform cooking, not only in the base, but throughout the body of the saucepan.

Ideal for preparing your sweet creams, sauces and reductions, for frying with perfect results, caramelizing or heating, braising, cooking all types of soups, purees or delicious desserts, it will become your best ally.

What distinguishes the Inocuivre Collection by De Buyer

Inocuivre represents the tradition of French haute cuisine, in which delicate cooking over low heat and reductions stand out. Preparations in which copper is ideal due to its excellent heat conduction . All Inocuivre pieces are completely hand-polished in a traditional way, with demanding know-how passed down from generation to generation. This unique collection of timeless design is distinguished by:

  • Its exceptional composition. Its material combines 90% copper, for excellent heat conduction, and 10% 18/10 stainless steel, for easy maintenance.
  • It is suitable for all kitchens, except for induction cookers.
  • It is suitable for use in the oven.
  • The 90% copper on the outside guarantees excellent thermal conductivity, higher than that of iron and multi-layer stainless steel, for perfect cooking control and wonderful results. The perfect heat transmission and the guarantee of a constant temperature make it a material with extraordinary performance in the kitchen, even at low heat.
  • The 10% 18/10 stainless steel interior is suitable for food use and does not alter the properties of copper.
  • Its elegant design, which perfectly combines tradition with innovation, traditional materials with extraordinary finishes.
  • The manufacturing of the Inocuivre line is carried out in France and requires more than 18 steps. From stamping to traditional manual polishing, the demanding know-how passed down from generation to generation results in unique pieces of extraordinary quality. This work by De Buyer has been recognized by the French Ministry of Economy, which has awarded it the Living Heritage Company label.
  • The handles and lugs are made of cast brass and cold riveted. Its ergonomic, modern and elegant design brings sophistication to all pieces. Long, raised handles and large handles make it easy to handle utensils.
  • The design of the lid is inspired by the tradition of French haute cuisine. Its composition, as in Inocuivre utensils, is 90% copper on the outside and 10% stainless steel on the inside, with a golden brass handle. It adapts perfectly to each utensil, favoring cooking.
  • The collection is distinguished by its high-quality mirror polished exterior finish, with the production code engraved on the bottom.
  • The stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean, which should always be done by hand. Inocuivre utensils and lids are not suitable for the dishwasher.

The De Buyer Inocuivre copper saucepan with stainless steel handle comes in the following sizes:

Diameter Height Capacity Weight Thickness
10 cm 5.2 cm - 330 g 1.5 mm
12 cm 6 cm 800 ml 500 g 1.5 mm
14 cm 7 cm 1 liter 630 g 1.5 mm
16 cm 8.5 cm 1.6 liters 800 g 1.5 mm
18 cm 9 cm 2.5 liters 999 g 1.5 mm
20 cm 10 cm 3.3 liters 1.21 kg 1.5 mm


Note: The pieces should be heated gradually and should never be used at high heat power (maximum 3/4 of what the kitchen allows). Thanks to the high temperature conductivity of copper (higher than that of iron or multilayer stainless steel) they do not require greater power. To avoid thermal contrasts and burns, they should be allowed to cool after use before cleaning or handling them.

The De Buyer Inocuivre copper saucepan with gold handle is not suitable for induction cookers. If you want to see all the copper utensils suitable for induction, you will find them in the Prima Matera De Buyer collection.

Why we like the De Buyer Inocuivre Copper Saucepan with Golden Handle

  1. It is a beautiful piece, perfect to use every day and that will last a lifetime.
  2. Its heat transmission is exceptional, ideal for reducing, caramelizing, preparing sauces, creams, stews,..., anything you can think of!
  3. The result of everything you cook in it will be wonderful.
  4. Each saucepan is unique; Its partly artisanal manufacturing makes each piece a jewel.
  5. The riveted cast stainless steel handle ensures great resistance.

The history of De Buyer

De Buyer is a family business that has been manufacturing kitchen items for professionals and fine dining restaurants around the world since 1830. It currently has more than 2,000 products in its catalog and exports to 95 countries. With great influence on French cuisine, De Buyer collaborates with prestigious cooking schools such as l' É cole Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l' É cole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.

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La entrega fue muy rápido y el producto es

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Un bonito toque en la cocina

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