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The Zwilling Sous-vide Rod Lid is a perfect complement for sous-vide cooking. Its shape is specially designed to be able to cover the pot or casserole with the rod in place , without losing the steam or heat from the cooking of the water, reducing energy consumption by almost 50% and extending the useful life of the rod.

The lid has a silicone insert to cover the hole for the rod. By fitting the silicone insert, you can use the lid for traditional cooking in your 24 cm pots and casseroles, just like you would with any other lid.

Is a lid essential for sous-vide cooking?

Although it is not essential to use the lid to cook with the sous-vide rod, it is a recommended utensil , especially for long cooking:

  • It manages to reduce the evaporation of cooking water , so you will not have to add water to maintain the level with the same frequency. This also reduces water consumption.
  • The rod will be able to maintain the cooking temperature much more easily, reducing heating cycles. In short cooking it is not very significant, but in cooking for several hours it is a factor to take into account, since we will extend the useful life of the rod.
  • By being able to maintain the heat and steam inside , keeping the temperature better, the rod works better and more efficiently, so energy consumption is reduced by almost 50% if you cook with the lid on.

In the same way that happens when cooking in a traditional way, with the lid on it is possible to reduce energy consumption and make better use of the steam and heat of cooking.


  • 18/10 stainless steel lid with silicone insert.
  • Suitable for cooking with the sous-vide rod without the silicone insert.
  • With the insert in place it works like a conventional lid.
  • Suitable for use with 24 cm diameter utensils.
  • Hole measurement: 5.9 cm.
  • It allows to reduce energy consumption by almost 50%.
  • Better use of heat and steam.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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Why we like the Zwilling Sous-vide Wand Lid

  1. It is a highly recommended utensil mainly in long cooking.
  2. It will help you cook sous vide more efficiently, with a lower energy cost.
  3. Prevents the loss of steam and heat from cooking.
  4. As less water evaporates, you will need to refill the pot less often.
  5. The rod will have to make less effort, extending its useful life.
  6. And when you don't cook sous vide, use it with the silicone insert as a conventional lid.

Zwilling history

ZWILLING JA HENCKELS is one of the oldest European kitchenware brands with the highest prestige and quality in the sector. Founded in 1731 in Solingen, Germany, it is a world leader in cutlery and kitchenware.

It is a firm that excites for the design, versatility and longevity of its products. In 2008 the mother house acquired the French kitchenware firm Staub and the Belgian Demeyere. The result is an extremely varied range of kitchenware, but always of superb quality.

La historia de Zwilling

Zwilling es una de las marcas más antiguas de Europa, fundada en 1731 en Solingen, Alemania. Inicialmente reconocida por sus productos de cuchillería, la marca ha evolucionado hasta convertirse en un referente mundial en menaje de cocina, con presencia en más de 100 países y ofreciendo en su catálogo una amplia gama de utensilios, ollas, sartenes y pequeños electrodomésticos de cocina. La experiencia de este fabricante alemán se refleja en cada uno de sus productos, que destacan por un diseño funcional y una calidad de producción de máximo nivel, y ha recibido numerosos premios por su diseño y calidad.

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