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KitchenAid ice cream maker accessory allows you to make delicious ice creams and sorbets with your KitchenAid food processor. It's a fantastic accessory that lets you enjoy new flavours and textures with your food processor and get the most out of it.

Making delicious creamy ice cream at home is easy as pie! Just prepare your liquid base mix and put it in the fridge to chill. Just like that, ice cream ready for everyone!

This ice cream maker, is from the official KitchenAid brand, guaranteed by KitchenAid Spain, and is valid for KitchenAid Classic, Artisan, Heavy Duty and Professional food processors.

It has a capacity of 1.9 litres, a height of approx. 18 cm and a diameter of 21 cm.

Why we like the KitchenAid ice cream maker

The interesting thing about ice cream makers is that they cool the mixture very quickly. This causes very small ice crystals to form, making the ice cream much creamier.

On the contrary, in the freezer, cooling is done by air, much more slowly, and this is when larger crystals are generated so the ice cream isn't very creamy (even if you mix it often to break the crystals, it is difficult to get a smooth texture).

The KitchenAid ice cream maker has 3 interesting advantages when it comes to making ice cream:

  1. It cools the mixture quickly
  2. The processor mixes for you, in a continuous and uniform way, and thus ensuring a creamy texture .
  3. It helps you mix even dense mixtures (we know how powerful KitchenAid is), saving you the effort of manual mixing.

NOTE:All KitchenAid ice cream makers in our shop are official KitchenAid items, with KitchenAid Spain guarantee. Please note that, due to the manufacturing process of this machine, there is a part of the top trim that is often scuffed or has a kind of scratch on the outside. It is a small scratch, and occurs on 95% of the parts, but it does not affect the operation of the maker at all.

How to use the KitchenAid ice cream maker

  1. Put the ice cream maker in the freezer for at least 24 hours before you make your ice cream.
  2. Create your mixture.
  3. Attach the ice cream maker onto your KitchenAid processor, turn it on low speed and pour your mixture into it (it is advisable to do this so that the mixture does not freeze when it comes into contact with the ice cream maker, and so that it starts to butter the ice-cream properly).
  4. Leave the processor to run for as long as necessary until you see that the mixture has reached a good consistency (about 15-20 minutes, adding a good amount of mixture).
  5. When it has softened, stop the processor, pour the ice cream into an air-tight container and leave it in the freezer for at least 3 hours so that it acquires consistency.

KitchenAid’s story

Following the launch and success of the iconic KitchenAid food processor in 1919, KitchenAid has been dedicated to revolutionising the world of household appliances through a multitude of high-performance kitchen appliances. They all bear the hallmarks of attention to detail, high quality, versatile technology and timeless design. It is the only brand of household appliances dedicated exclusively to making products for the kitchen, as they are the great experts and recognised connoisseurs of the kitchen.

Opinions and questions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Ivan C.
Heladera KitchenAid EXCELENTE

Buen articulo y un gran accesorio para la Kitchen Aid, hacer helados artesanales ahora será más sencillo. Aconsejable la pagina web, precios buenos, productos excelentes y sobre el envió por parte de Claudia&Julia excelente, en menos de 48h, compré el producto en sábado, perfecto, buen embalaje, ya sabemos que no venden productos malos. Un diez, volveremos a apostar por ellas.

María J.

Encantada con la heladera. Se consiguen unos helados cremosos y con ingredientes naturales. El servicio de Claudia & Julia, como siempre, genial. Llegó en 24 horas y en perfectamente embalado.

Sara V.R.

No he tenido tiempo de probarla, tengo que esperar que me la regalen oficialmente. Entra perfecta en el congelador.

Carina M.

De momento solo he hecho una vez helado, de chocolate. Me gustó mucho cómo quedó, la textura es muy cremosa, como la de los mejores helados, nada cristalizado. Y se conservó así los 2 días que duró en el congelador. La única pega es que he encontrado muy pocas recetas y poco detalladas, supongo que tendré que ir probando con una receta base y cambiando ingredientes. Pero la heladera es muy buena.

xan r.

Estamos empezando, pero muy bien. Por desgracia engordaremos 😁😁

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