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By Sage
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Meat, fish, cheese, butter and even ice cream! With the Sage Smoking Gun you can cold smoke any recipe or food, quickly and easily adding natural flavors and aromas , such as applewood or hickory. Practical and easy to handle, this portable smoker will allow you to apply the traditional smoking technique very easily.

Its small size is ideal to have it at home and use it on any occasion . The gun has a brazier or combustion chamber for the wood chips, a silicone tube or hose through which the smoke comes out, and a small two-speed fan.

Cold smoke is ideal for providing a unique and more delicate flavor and aroma to your food and since it is not hot smoked, it allows you to use it even with ice cream, cheese, cocktails, butter or any dessert or cold recipe , such as carpaccios, salads or a refreshing gazpacho. Its operation is very simple:

  • Place a small amount of the chips of your choice in the firebox.
  • Press the power switch to activate the fan at the highest speed, to help the initial ignition of the chips.
  • Using a match or hand lighter, apply the flame to the top surface of the chips , moving the flame so it lights the entire surface. When lit, blow out the match.
  • In a few seconds, smoke will begin to come out of the hose. At that moment, lower the fan speed by pressing the switch.
  • Arrange the food on a tray or plate and cover it with a lid or with another utensil that can fulfill that function: a dome, a bell, a deep plate, a bowl or a salad bowl, or even with cling film or paper of oven.
  • Insert the hose under the lid , so that it is slightly above the food you want to smoke, but without directly touching it. Keep it for approximately 3 minutes, in this way it will gently burn the chips, generate the necessary smoke for smoking and you will have the necessary flavor and aroma for your meats, vegetables, fish or fruits.
  • Once finished, turn off the fan and let the smoker cool completely before cleaning.

Its wide opening is ideal for you to insert wood chips comfortably and helps to clean it easily. The silicone hose connects and cleans very easily. And when you don't use it, you can store it in any corner, since it takes up very little space.

The natural aromas and flavors of smoking will add a unique touch to your recipes . Cold smoking allows these notes to be impregnated even in cocktails and ice creams, as well as in cheeses or cold desserts or butter, ensuring that the same food can have infinite nuances that make savoring them a different experience each time.


  • Smoking gun with cold smoke system.
  • Settings - two-speed fan:
    • Mild smoked.
    • Intense smoked.
  • Switch on and off.
  • Removable stainless steel combustion chamber with wide opening.
  • Removable mesh filter.
  • Die-cast metal barrel.
  • silicone hose
  • Robust casing.
  • It includes:
    • 2 mesh filters.
    • 4 AA batteries
    • Recipe book
    • 2 types of sample chips:
      • apple wood
      • american oak
    • replacement filters
  • Measurements: 6 cm wide x 15.5 cm high x 11.5 cm deep.
  • Weight: 920g.
  • Clean the main unit with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.
  • Follow the instructions for use and cleaning indicated in the manual.

Why we like the Sage Smoking Gun

  1. Its use is very simple and practical.
  2. Smoking in this way, with cold smoke, offers more delicate nuances.
  3. You can add the smoky touch even to your cocktails and ice creams!
  4. It is ideal for adding different aromas and flavors to food
  5. Its small size makes it very practical to use and store.
  6. You do not need to have a large space to prepare recipes with the smoked touch.

Sage's Story

The story of Sage is the story of the iconic Australian brand Breville. With more than 85 years of experience and a presence in more than 70 countries, it is known worldwide for its high-quality, strikingly aesthetic appliances.

In May 2013, SAGE TM was born, the new brand of Breville's premium range. Within this range, Breville launched 17 products, designed and developed in the UK and in line with the identity of the Breville group, and which we continue to enjoy today.

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Customer Reviews

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Mar H.
Muy buena. Nada que ver con otras más baratas

Me ha sorprendido la robustez de la pistola. Deja un aroma a humo impresionante y buenísimo. Y al tener dos velocidades puedes regular mejor la cantidad de humo que quieres utilizar. Altamente recomendable.

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