Nordic Ware Naturals® Collection Trays

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With the Nordic Ware Naturals® Collection Trays you won't want to cook any other way, because these natural aluminum pans are ideal for the oven and so practical that you'll want to use them at the slightest opportunity. You are going to bake it all!

Here where you see them, these trays in particular and the Naturals® collection in general are the best-selling pieces in the entire Nordic Ware catalogue . Why? They are the most practical, light and durable.

They are made of a special hardened and extra-pressed natural aluminum alloy, which makes it impossible for the aluminum to come off . Heat transmission is faster and more uniform, and its resistance to scratches is greater, preventing corrosion.

In addition, it is impossible to have only one: their sizes are ideal for countless uses, from using the small trays to take advantage of the heat of the oven and roast a few heads of garlic, some peppers or make some spiced chickpeas in a moment while you bake a sponge cake, to use the large ones to roast everything from vegetables to meats with potatoes or make cookies in other larger sizes.

And having several and of various sizes allows you to distribute the food so you can bake different things at the same time, separating different juices, flavors and cooking rhythms.

You can find them with a smooth or striated base:

  • Prisma trays have a grooved relief base. This bottom favors the release of juices and allows air to circulate , giving a crunchy, uniform and delicious finish. They are ideal for cookies, for your puff pastry cakes, shortcrust pastry or for empanadas and pizzas. And of course, to roast meat and vegetables.
  • The Smooth trays have a completely smooth base and offer a non-marking finish, making them perfect for baking, for example, Genovese sponge cake sheets for rolls, brownies, homemade granola or spiced chickpeas. And also for meats and vegetables.

Furthermore, the smooth tray measuring 45 x 32 cm is also available with a plastic lid. This lid is perfect for transporting and storing whatever you've baked on the tray, but it is not suitable for the oven.

What distinguishes the pieces of the Nordic Ware Naturals® collection:

  • They have a lifetime guarantee.
  • They are made of pure hardened natural aluminum without coatings, subjected to an extra-pressing that prevents the aluminum from coming off.
  • The heat conductivity is superior, providing uniform cooking results in all uses.
  • The edge is fully encapsulated galvanized steel. In this way the tray never deforms; always keeps its shape.
  • They will last you a lifetime without rusting.
  • Its corners are smooth and without wrinkles or burrs with which you can injure yourself.
  • They are very light pieces, which makes them very comfortable to use.
  • Its surface is shiny and non-porous, providing a natural non-stick performance.
  • It incorporates the Nordic Ware logo, a sign of quality and value of a trusted brand, a pioneer in the manufacture of natural aluminum utensils on the market for more than 15 years.

These non- deformable trays are going to become essential in your kitchen thanks to their functionality. You can use them for everything, both in the oven and for cold preparations. Ideal sources to always have on hand.


  • 7 models to choose from.
  • Tray made in the USA.
  • Lifetime tray warranty.
  • Grid warranty: 10 years.
  • Not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with mild soap and sponge.
  • To stir or scrape, use wooden, nylon or silicone utensils.
  • To bake whipped dough (such as sponge cakes or brownies) it is recommended to apply release spray, a layer of butter and sprinkle a little flour or put a little baking paper. It is not necessary to roast vegetables, meats, etc.
  • Avoid cooking acidic foods for a long time, which could darken the mold.
Model Exterior dimensions
Interior dimensions Height Weight
Smooth25x18 cm
25,65 x 17,78 cm 23,87 x 16 cm
2,79 cm 190 g
Prism 25x18 cm
25,65 x 17,78 cm 23,87 x 16 cm
2,79 cm 190 g
Smooth 33x24 cm
24,38 x 33,02 cm 30,73 x 22,35 cm
2,79 cm 475 g
Prism 33x24 cm
24,38 x 33,02 cm 30,73 x 22,35 cm 2,79 cm 475 g
Smooth 40x28 cm 40,13 x 28,7 cm 38,1 x 26,67 cm
2,54 cm 590 g
Prism 40x28 cm
40,13 x 28,7 cm 38,1 x 26,67 cm 2,54 cm 590 g
Smooth 45x32 cm
45,46 x 32,76 cm 43,43 x 30,73 cm
2,54 cm 740 g


Why we like the Nordic Ware Naturals® Collection Tray

  1. You can use them for everything. They will become essential in your kitchen!
  2. The extra pressing of the aluminum prevents it from coming into contact with the food.
  3. Uniform cooking is achieved. You will see how rich everything is!
  4. The ribbed base is perfect for a crunchy result.
  5. They are undeformable.
  6. They will last you a lifetime, as your guarantee
  7. Its size is perfect for cooking any recipe without problems.

The history of Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware is a family-owned company that has been producing high-quality cookware in the United States since 1946. Nordic Ware began its business making utensils inspired by Scandinavian food and quickly became popular for the quality and design of its cake and cupcake pans. Nordic Ware cake pans are already part of the American culinary tradition, but this company continues to develop products to cook all kinds of recipes.

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Customer Reviews

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Ignacio S.A.

Bandejas Naturals® Collection de Nordic Ware

Elena G.
Son perfectas

Son robustas y perfectas para asar verduras
Los tamaños pequeños son ideales para raciones individuales

Me encantan estas bandejas, son ideales

Compre una hace un tiempo y no sabéis la de veces que la he llegado a usar. Encima sigue como nueva! Además alguna vez la he usado para llevar brownies a casas de amigos y todo el mundo se fijaba en ella. Hay una cosa para la que va muy bien y no parece ‘su fin’ y es que enfría súper bien. Si quieres enfriar algo rápido, lo metes a nevera o congelador y es una pasada (por ejemplo la masa de croissants). Así que he ampliado mi colección de bandejas, probando la texturada, y tengo la seguridad de que me irán genial 😎
Además el envío súper rápido y bien embalado, me ha llegado todo perfecto ♥️

Bandejas nórdic ware

Son super ligeras y me encantan. Todavía no he horneado más que unas galletas, pero hornearé mucho más

Carla D.N.
Pequeñita y muy útil

Estoy muy contenta con la compra. El producto és de calidad y el tamaño muy útil, me permite poner diferentes bandejas independientes en el horno a la misma vez y aprovechar para hacer diferentes comidas y cocciones.

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