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If you love ice cream and cold desserts, the Ninja ® Creami Ice Cream Maker is an ideal option, and a revolution in the world due to its new way of making ice cream. With this ice cream maker you can prepare all kinds of delicious and creamy smoothies, ice creams and sorbets at home in less than 2 minutes! , and best of all, without preservatives or artificial additives! With its compact and elegant design, it will look perfect in your kitchen.

La Creami is much more than an ice cream maker. You can create and personalize your favorite cold desserts, making every sweet moment a special occasion. Combine ingredients, mix flavors and surprise everyone with your creamiest and most refreshing recipes, in the easiest, fastest and most comfortable way, because making ice cream with this ice cream maker is a breeze!

  • NOTE! All Claudia&Julia Ninja® products are official units from the official Ninja distributor in Spain, and with the manufacturer's warranty for this type of products in the country.

How the Ninja ® Creami Ice Cream Maker works

The Ninja Creamy ice cream maker has a powerful motor that is combined with a blade system that beats the frozen mixture , aerating it to achieve creamy and delicious results, whatever the preparation you want to make.

The Creami refrigerator includes three tubs to make and store your preparations. You can prepare 1.4 liters of ice cream and create up to 3 different flavors at the same time. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Fill the tub with the mixture of your favorite ingredients: banana and coconut milk, strawberries and yogurt, chocolate with cream... You decide!
  2. Place the tub in the freezer for 24 hours.
  3. Take the mixture out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator, fitting the lid with the mixing blade. If the mixture is very frozen, let it cool for a while outside the freezer before putting it in the refrigerator.
  4. With the touch of a button, choose the preparation you want to make among its 7 possibilities and beat for 1 or 2 minutes. The dual-drive motor will apply downward pressure while spinning the beater for the optimal texture.
  5. Customize your dessert to taste before serving, and enjoy homemade ice cream, to your liking and full of flavor!
  • Download the free recipe book! Click HERE and discover how the Ninja ice cream maker works and a ton of recipes to start enjoying it from the first moment.

What you can prepare with the Creami Ninja ® Ice Cream Maker

As you can see, it is very simple and you can make all kinds of combinations to create ice creams, smoothies or sorbets with which to surprise at home. You decide what you want to taste, in the easiest way, just by choosing the function you prefer among all its options:

  • Frozen . The ICE CREAM program will allow you to make homemade ice cream as creamy as those from your favorite ice cream shop.
  • Sorbet . The perfect function to take advantage of all the flavor of seasonal fruits. You can make a refreshing sorbet with your favorite fruits.
  • Light ice cream . With the LITE ICE CREAM program you can prepare incredibly creamy ice cream, even if your mixtures are low in fat or sugar.
  • Smoothie . To prepare thick, delicious smoothies in no time, use the MILKSHAKE program.
  • Italian ice cream . Just by pressing the GELATO button, you will get Italian-style ice cream.
  • Smoothie bowl . The perfect program to prepare spoon smoothies, whether fruit or vegetable, to drink in a bowl at snack or breakfast time and accompany them with your favorite toppings.
  • Additional features . With this function you can add more ingredients to your ice cream once it is ready. Without removing it from the tub, use a spoon to open a hole in the ice cream, and add chocolate chips, nuts, pieces of fruit or cereals. Put the tub back in the refrigerator and press the Extras key to mix everything.
  • RE-SPIN or beat again. With this function you can beat your mixture again if it has lost its creaminess. By simply putting the tub back in the refrigerator, the Re-Spin function will restore all the creaminess, so you can enjoy it in the best possible way.

As easy as filling, freezing, blending and serving , with the Creami ice cream maker you can make incredibly creamy ice creams, thick and delicious shakes, frozen yogurt for a snack or a varied and surprising smoothie bowl for breakfast and start the day with A lot of energy.

An excellent option so you can prepare and enjoy frozen desserts at home, in the quickest, easiest and healthiest way.


  • Electric refrigerator.
  • Very intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.
  • Features:
    • Frozen
    • Sorbet
    • light ice cream
    • Smoothie
    • Italian ice cream
    • Smoothie Bowl
    • Additional features
    • Re-Spin
  • How it works: Crush and mix the frozen cream to form ice cream.
  • Create desserts in no time, 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Power: 800W
  • Dual drive motor that applies downward pressure while rotating the beater for optimal texture.
  • Total capacity: 1,350 l (450 ml of ice cream per tub)
  • Includes:
    • 3 tubs with lids, 450 ml capacity. BPA free and microwave safe.
    • 1 outer container (jar type) to hold the tub in the refrigerator.
    • 1 lid with mixing blade for the container.
    • Recipe guide.
  • Compact and elegant design, which takes up little space and adapts to any kitchen.
  • The Creami Ice Cream Maker is not designed to make shakes or smoothies with hard, loose ingredients, such as cubed ice or frozen fruit.
  • The removable container and tubs are dishwasher safe, placed in the upper tray, THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE for cleaning in the lower tray.
  • Measures:
    • Refrigerator: 40.5 cm high x 16.5 cm wide x 27 cm deep.
    • Tubs: 11 cm high x 11.5 cm diameter.
  • Refrigerator weight: 6.4 kg.
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Why we like the Creami Ninja ® Ice Cream Maker

  1. You can make all kinds of cold desserts in the easiest and most comfortable way.
  2. Very creamy results, in just 1 or 2 minutes!
  3. Imagine the mixture you want to make... And let's get to work!
  4. Combine flavors in each tub, up to 3 different ones!
  5. And customize your ice creams and shakes however you prefer.
  6. A delicious ice cream in less than 2 minutes? Go for the Creami!

Ninja Brand History

Ninja is a high-quality appliance brand that focuses on providing consumers with the best possible cooking experience. Their products include blenders, food processors, coffee makers, pressure cookers, and much more. What sets Ninja apart from other brands is its innovative technology and commitment to quality and durability. From the personal blender to the multi-cooker, every Ninja product is designed with intuitive features to simplify life in the kitchen.

Ninja appliances are reliable, easy to use, and built to last. With a wide range of products, from the most basic to the most advanced, there is something for every kitchen need. From making a healthy smoothie to cooking a full dinner in minutes, Ninja products are designed to simplify users' lives and allow them to enjoy delicious, nutritious food with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Montse VP

I haven't made many recipes yet but the first tests are incredible.

It is a wonder

The texture it leaves in the ice cream is amazing. You can make ice cream from almost anything and in a matter of minutes with hardly any mess. We have additional jars and so we can have several flavors prepared for the moment we want to consume them. You can add different toppings to give them extra flavor and texture. Healthy ice creams in a snap. We are delighted :)

Pia MP
Very good product

The sorbets and ice creams are spectacular, but I miss more recipes, or at least options within those that come in the book. Can other ingredients be used??? Thank you!!!

Consuelo GO
Good ice creams!!!

Very happy with the refrigerator, especially my granddaughters, they liked it a lot.
The service and attention, as always, 10!!!

Xabier Pr


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