Ninja® Woodfire Outdoor Electric Pellet Oven


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If you like its design, when you see everything you can do with the Woodfire Ninja® Outdoor Oven you will fall in love with it. In any of its 8 cooking modes, it gives you total temperature control, up to 370 °C, so you can bake your pizzas in less than 3 minutes. With its vintage appearance, this electric outdoor oven is equipped with the most modern functionality, to achieve flavor results as wonderful as those of wood-fired ovens.

The Woodfire electric outdoor oven will allow you to discover a new way of cooking outdoors. Its 8 functions provide you with the versatility of 8 devices in one. Its wide temperature range, from 40 °C to 370 °C , will allow you to achieve incredible flavors, textures and results. In addition, you can add a smoky flavor to any recipe, whatever the temperature, just by adding a little pellet.

With just the touch of a button, you can grill at high temperature, barbecue with authentic smoky flavor, bake artisanal pizzas in just a few minutes or cook any recipe in the garden at home.

What you can do with the Woodfire Ninja® Outdoor Oven

The oven has a large enough capacity to bake for the whole family. Both 30 cm pizzas, as well as a 5 kg roast beef, a 3 kg whole chicken with its garnish, two ribs or a 4 kg pork shoulder. This multifunction oven is an incredible 8 in 1, which turns any space into an outdoor kitchen:

  • Oven for roasts at high temperatures up to 370 °C. As if you were cooking in a stone oven, you will get grilled flavors and very crispy textures, something impossible in a conventional oven. Imagine juicy high-temperature grilled steaks or a whole roast with a crispy exterior and perfect interior, and wonderfully caramelized vegetables.
  • Oven for artisanal pizzas . You will have a pizzeria at home! Your pizzas in less than 3 minutes. You choose how you want it, since it has 6 preset pizza settings that adapt to all tastes: margarita style, Roman, New York, Chicago Style, calzone or personalized, so you can decide.
  • BBQ smoker. With just the touch of a button, without having to worry about the kitchen stove, you can smoke your pieces of meat, slowly and at a low temperature, so that they are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, with a natural smoky flavor.
  • Oven. In addition to all the functions that differentiate it, with the Woodfire outdoor oven you can bake, dehydrate and keep food warm. It has the following 8 functions, so you can get the most out of it with any of them:
    • Pizza
    • Roast
    • Gourmet roast
    • Top heat
    • Bake
    • Smoke
    • Dehydrate
    • Keeping warm

What sets the Woodfire Ninja® Outdoor Oven apart

The Woodfire electric outdoor oven has enormous versatility, a large capacity, and has multiple cooking options. In addition to making it easier for you to cook comfortably, easily and outdoors in good company, the oven has:

  • Total temperature control. High-power electric heat allows precise temperature control, from 40°C to 370°C. You can cook with complete peace of mind, without fire, achieving a spectacular flavor.
  • Woodfire technology that allows you to combine, if you wish, the advantages of an electric grill with the flavor added by pellets. The pellet does not act as fuel, but rather as another ingredient when you want to add a touch of wood flavor. The Ninja Woodfire pellet is made from 100% premium quality hardwood and you will only need a spoonful on the burner to add wonderful flavor to what you cook.
  • Large capacity, perfect for groups or for cooking large quantities. From 30 cm pizzas, 5 kg roast beef, a 3 kg whole chicken with its garnish, two ribs or a 4 kg pork shoulder.
  • Designed for outdoors, weather resistant. It is made with top quality materials, so you can cook outdoors, in any season of the year. Whether it's hot or cold, rain or shine, you'll cook efficiently.
  • Quick warm-up. Since it is an electric oven, it heats up quickly.
  • It is portable. It is a handy and electric oven, so you only need a plug to cook. The connection cable measures 1.8 m.

If you want to add the wonderful 100% authentic and natural wood-fired flavor, you can find the Ninja® Pellet here.


  • Outdoor electric oven.
  • Results like in a stone oven.
  • Integrated smoker, to smoke with pellets whenever desired. The pellet is to provide flavor, it is not barbecue fuel.
  • Power: 2400 W.
  • Burnt orange color.
  • Great capacity.
  • Total temperature control. Range from 40°C to 370°C.
  • Pizzas baked in less than 3 minutes.
  • Dial buttons to adjust function, temperature and time.
  • 8 functions:
    • Pizza, (margarita, Roman, New York or Chicago style, calzone, or custom)
    • Roast
    • Gourmet roast
    • Top heat
    • Bake
    • Smoke
    • Dehydrate
    • Keeping warm
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Includes:
    • Accessory frame
    • Roast rack
    • pizza stone
    • Extra heat tray
    • Removable pellet box
    • Pellet dispensing spoon (dishwasher safe)
    • 2 packages of Ninja pellets with 2 different flavors/aromas, 100% natural
    • Recipe Guide
    • Manual
  • Grill measurements: 38 cm high x 45 cm wide x 54 cm deep
  • Weight: 22kg.
  • Cable length: 1.8m.

Why we like the Woodfire Ninja® Outdoor Oven

  1. Its temperature range allows you to achieve flavors like in wood-fired ovens.
  2. Its large capacity is perfect for outdoor lunches and dinners.
  3. Your pizzas ready in 3 minutes!!
  4. It is extremely functional, it allows you to cook a lot and very well!
  5. Its use is very easy and comfortable. And it also has a beautiful design.
  6. You can use it in the garden, patio, terrace or take it to the campsite!

The history of Ninja

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Ninja appliances are reliable, easy to use, and built to last. With a wide range of products, from the most basic to the most advanced, there is something for every kitchen need. From making a healthy smoothie to cooking a full dinner in minutes, Ninja products are designed to simplify users' lives and allow them to enjoy delicious, nutritious food with ease.

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