Mepal Cirqula Multi Bowls

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By Mepal
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The Cirqula multi bowls by Mepal are perfect for keeping soups, salads, and all kinds of food in the fridge. They offer great quality and finish... in fact they are so beautiful that apart from using them to store or prepare your recipes, you’ll want to use them to serve food directlyon the table ore ven use them to take food to work.

They are special jars that offer something different from other products - those things you have to see for yourself to really appreciate their quality. Both its touch and the finish of the lid and the quality of its materials are exceptional, in jars that, although they are not glass or ceramic, are brimming with beauty.

They are specially designed so that food can be easily stored in the fridge. You can also heat food directly in these jars, and then serve them directly at the table.

They are made of a very resistant material, with a transparent lid, to make it much easier for you to identify the food inside.

They are perfect for:

  • Storing soups, rice dishes, salads, stews... in the fridge.
  • Using them to prepare your mixes when making cupcakes or other recipes.
  • Serving your salads and creams at the table, or serve potatoes or another starter or side directly to the table.
  • Using them as a tupperware to take breakfast or lunch to school or work.

They are stackable, microwave-safe, and suitable for both the fridge and refrigerator.

The lid does not have a clip system, and although they are not airtight containers they close very well, thanks to the special edge that adjusts to the lid. They are easy to open and close, but nothing will spill.

These containers help preserve food with all its properties and freshness. Also, one of the most surprising advantages of these containers is that they can be perfectly stacked on top of each other, making organization in your refrigerator perfect.

They are perfect containers for taking food to work or school!

There are different sizes with different capacities to choose from.

350 ml
12.5 cm
5.8 cm
500 ml
12.5 cm
8.5 cm
750 ml
15.9 cm
6.8 cm
1 liter
15.9 cm
10 cm
1.25 liters
19.2 cm
7.8 cm
2 liters
19.2 cm
11.5 cm
2.25 liters
22.5 cm
8.8 cm
3 liters
22.5 cm
12.9 cm

Why we love the Cirqula kitchen bowls by Mepal

  1. You will be able to store your soups, salads and other recipes perfectly in the refrigerator.
  2. If you don't have much time during the week, you can prep your meals and pop them in the fridge with these jars. Just take them out and put them in the microwave or take them straight to the table.
  3. These are ideal jars to take your food to work!
  4. Your fridge and freezer will be tidier than ever!

The history of Mepal

Founded in the Netherlands in 1950, Mepal has been offering simple and practical solutions for more than 70 years to make everyday life easier in an authentically sustainable way.

Offering a wide variety of very high quality products that are designed with the aim of making people and the environment happy, they will make your kitchen more organised than ever.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very good quality

I loved the bottle, it has a good closure and is very pretty


Molt happy with the purchase. Tanca molt be

F A.
Kitchen jar

I really liked it, I bought one to try I will continue buying more

Margalida SC
Super practical!

I already have more things from Mepal and I love everything

Nothing to do with other tupperware!

They do not need a clip system to close hermetically and their resin interior really makes them super pleasant to eat in. Great discovery Mepal!

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