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By Lékué
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With the Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set you can prepare some wonderful and healthy homemade shortbread, and round them off with the topping that you like the most. This set of 4 individual molds with lids comes with a bowl that is ideal for melting the chocolate and dipping your popsicles easily and quickly. And since they are made of platinum silicone , they come out of the mold in no time!

You will see how wonderful the Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set is :

  • The four molds are individual and come with the reusable stick , so you can take the ice cream one by one, thus avoiding breaking the cold chain in the other three.
  • The lids are stackable , so in addition to allowing you to keep them safe from odors and flavors and avoid spills when putting them in the freezer, you can place them taking up very little space.
  • They are very easy to unmold thanks to the flexible silicone . The smooth inner surface of the molds is non-stick. It won't take long to get your mantecados out of the refrigerators, to start bathing them with your favorite topping!
  • The accessory container is made of platinum silicone, like the molds . It is ideal for bathing popsicles thanks to its shape as a tall bowl. Once frozen, you just have to melt the chocolate in the microwave and submerge the ice cream holding it by the stick. The contrast in temperatures will make it harden quickly, so add the toppings right away!
  • And if there's any leftover topping, you can leave it in the container for the next round of sundaes!

Go ahead and prepare some simple and healthy homemade ice creams , as great as the professionals, because with this set it is very simple! With fruit, yogurt, cream, cocoa or vanilla, your ice creams are rich and very natural , since you will control the ingredients you use at all times .


  • Set for magnum type ice cream. It includes:
    • 4 individual platinum silicone molds with non-stick interior.
    • 4 lids and 4 reusable polypropylene sticks.
    • Platinum silicone accessory container, to melt the topping and dip the ice creams.
    • Recipes to make natural ice cream with vegan options.
  • Platinum silicone is of high quality, suitable for food contact and 100% free of BPA.
  • Fridge, freezer and microwave safe molds and containers from -20°C to 100°C.
  • The molds are flexible, for easy unmolding.
  • The inner surface of the mold is completely smooth and non-stick.
  • Easy ice cream removal by simply removing the lid and stretching the mould.
  • Measurements of the molds: 6 cm wide x 13 cm long. Capacity: 60ml.
  • Container measures: 8.5 cm high. Capacity: 100ml.
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Make your ice creams with preparations as simple or as complex as you like : with horchata, yogurt, or orange juice for example, and you will get some simple popsicles, but the most delicious! Or you can make mixes like frozen berries with drained yogurt, sugar, and a little lemon juice, to freeze and enjoy without the topping. Or prepare more complex creams and cover them with the chocolate that you most want on each occasion. You will see how easy and comfortable it is!

Why we like the Lékué Classic Creamy Ice Cream Set

  1. You can prepare delicious ice cream very easily.
  2. And with coverage! A luxury for the senses with each bite.
  3. You will make your homemade ice cream as rich as healthy and controlling the ingredients from start to finish.
  4. The molds are individual. You won't break the cold chain if you only want one.
  5. You will have the coverage prepared in a plis.
  6. You will unmold the popsicles very easily, thanks to the flexible silicone and its non-stick interior.
  7. And its stackable lids are a success. Ice cream has to taste like ice cream!

History of Lekué

Lékué has revolutionized microwave cooking with the Steam Case and the introduction of platinum silicone in many products for different types of cooking. But beyond these products, Lékué continues to innovate with ideal products for everyday life, seeking fresh and practical solutions for modern people with little time.

In addition, at Lékué they have created a movement to encourage awareness of healthy and sustainable eating. They are present in thousands of kitchens around the world.

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Customer Reviews

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Catalina T.L.

Me ha enamorado, como no haberlo comprado antes. Salen unos helados perfectos y sanos, que es lo importante.

Motlles per fer gelats individuals

Recomanat al 100x100 es una bona marca, son molt practiques, love love

Inmaculada G.S.
Set para helafos

Muy buen priducto


Molde de calidad, fácil de desmoldar.

Julia G.G.
Mejor, imposible

Ha sido un gran acierto, helados naturales para toda la familia preparados al instante y con un profesional.

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