KitchenAid ARTISAN Stand Mixer Model 125 (5KSM125)

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The KitchenAid ARTISAN Stand Mixer Model 125 is the ultimate pastry robot, number 1 in the USA and worldwide for being original, elegant, and powerful, and undoubtedly an investment for a lifetime. It is a perfect kitchen assistant for home bakers and pastry chefs, designed to provide high performance for domestic use. With the KitchenAid robot, you can beat, mix, and knead effortlessly, as it is a kneader, mixer, and blender all in one.

Do you know what the difference is between the 125 model and the other Artisan 175 and 185 models? None! The Artisan 5KSM125 mixer is the same as the 5KSM175 and 5KSM185 models; the only variation between models is the included accessories.

5KSM125 5KSM175
Flat beater X X
Dough hook X X
Varilla batidora X X
Flexible Side Beater X
4.8l stainless steel bowl X X
Splash cover X
Additional 3 litre bowl X


So, the 125 model is the Artisan, the most popular model from KitchenAid, which includes the essential and basic accessories for baking at home. If you wish to purchase additional accessories in the future, you can always do so individually.

NOTE! Remember that all Claudia&Julia's KitchenAid robots are official units from the official KitchenAid Spain distributor, and with the full manufacturer's warranty in this country.

A KitchenAid food processor is a safe investment for life!

What you can do with it

Its 300 watts of power are distributed over 10 speeds designed for all types of recipes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated:

  • 1: Stir ingredients slowly - blending, pureeing, mixing, etc. For adding flour and dry ingredients to mixtures, adding liquids to dry ingredients, and blending thick mixtures.
  • 2-3: Mix slowly - ideal for mashing potatoes or other vegetables, making caramel, dispersing fat in flour, mixing thin and liquid mixtures that easily splash, and mixing and kneading yeast doughs.
  • 4-5: Mix and beat - for semi-thick mixtures, such as beating sugar and fat, and for adding sugar to egg whites for making meringues. Medium speed for cake batter.
  • 6-7: Beat or knead vigorously - make creams at medium-high speed or knead with the dough hook.
  • 8-9: Beat, knead, or mix quickly - whip cream, egg whites, and Italian or cooked meringues. Knead your brioche and bread dough to develop gluten better than anyone.
  • 10: Mix very quickly - quickly mixing small amounts of cream or egg whites.


While similar products from other brands rely on a high speed combined with a relatively low force to achieve a specific power, KitchenAid products work at a lower speed, but with greater brute force, so we get lower power consumption with higher efficiency.

Why we like it

  • What do you want us to tell you, the KitchenAid Artisan mixer is a classic. Not only because Julia Child used it, but because its permanence over time denotes its quality.
  • As versatile as all KitchenAid products, they've thought of everything! Always with the timeless design typical of this firm and in lots of colours to choose from!
  • A KitchenAid has no equal: there is no robot that kneads and assembles like it.


  • Flat beater or paddle: for normal to thick mixtures: cake and cookie doughs, icings, caramels, mashed potatoes, cake bases, etc.
  • Dough hook: for mixing and kneading fermented dough: especially for bread, rolls and pastries.
  • Mixer rod: essential in mixtures that need to incorporate air, such as whipping egg whites, fluffing sponge cake masses, thick creams, mayonnaise and meringues.

Technical characteristics

  • Power: 300W
  • Direct transmission
  • Capacity: 4.83 litres
  • Planetary movement with 59 points of contact that guarantees a meticulous incorporation of all the ingredients
  • Speed: 58 to 200 rpm
  • Metal body
  • Functional lid included
  • Measurements (W x H x H): 24 x 37 x 36 cm.
  • Weight: 10.4kg

The history of KitchenAid

Following the launch and success of the iconic food processor in 1919, KitchenAid has dedicated itself to revolutionising the world of home appliances through a multitude of high-performance kitchen appliances. They all bear the hallmarks of attention to detail, high quality, versatile technology and timeless design. It is the only brand of electrical appliances dedicated exclusively to making products for the kitchen, being the great experts and recognized connoisseurs of it.

Opinions and questions

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Customer Reviews

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Estoy muy contenta con mi nueva compra en Claudia & Julia. Hace mucho tiempo que sigo esta web y ahora he querido hacer una compra de una máquina para mi obrador de Reposteria Creativa. Una atención de 10, tanto por teléfono como a la hora de la entrega!!! Repetiré seguro!!!

Joan P.C.

Después de pensar y pensar decidimos comprar esta maravilla de maquina! Perfecta! Gran aliada de la Thermomix, un duo perfecto en una cocina!

Raquel M.
Útil y bonito

El robot es justo lo que necesitaba. Llego en perfectas condiciones y a he preparado un par de recetas que me han quedado bastante bien Que más se puede pedir?

Kitchenaid Artisan

Trato súper agradable, envío muy rápido y producto de primera y en perfecto estado! Todo perfecto, repetiré seguro!

Ramon C.R.
Kitchen Aid

Ni siquiera lo he desembalado. Lo voy a regalar hoy

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