Nordic Ware 3-in-1 stuffed burger press


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The Nordic Ware Burger Press ensures you master the art of making burgers at home. With this press you can make traditional burgers, as well as square and stuffed ones . You'll love it!

A good pressing of the burgers is essential to ensure that they do not crumble when handled or turned on the grill. And for that purpose the Nordic Ware press is fantastic! But you won't just make round burgers, you can make them square and stuffed - burgers full of flavor and seasoning!


  • It allows you to do:
    • Round burgers
    • Square burgers (Ideal for parties or to take the same shape as sandwich buns and cheese slices!)
    • Also stuffed burgers!
  • BPA and Melamine free plastic
  • Measurements: 10 x 10 cm

How to use the Nordic Ware burger press to make stuffed burgers?

If you watch the attached video, you will quickly see what we tell you here:

  1. Brush both sides of the press you have chosen with oil (round or square).
  2. With the "press" side (the flat side whose interior is higher) press the meat balls you have made (this way it will be in the shape of a hamburger, but with the entire central part more sunken).
  3. Fill the center of the pressed burger with whatever you want (cheese, spinach and pine nuts, caramelized onion...)
  4. Place another pressed ball on top, and use the deeper side of the press to press the two burgers together and at the same time, so that you will seal them, retaining the filling.
  5. And grill or barbecue!

NOTE: When you want to just make regular, unfilled burgers, use the "standard" side of the press, the shredded one that doesn't have that center rise. This way you will get burgers of a standard size, whether round or square.

Some filling ideas for your burgers:

  1. Cheese: Place a portion of cheese in the center of the burger before cooking, such as cheddar, Swiss, blue cheese, or mozzarella. As the meat cooks, the cheese melts inside.

  2. Onion and/or garlic: Sauté chopped onions and garlic and then mix them into the ground beef before forming the burgers... or arrange it in the center. This adds a savory flavor and a hint of sweetness.

  3. Mushrooms: Sauté sliced ​​mushrooms with garlic and butter, then stuff the meat with this mixture.

  4. Peppers and jalapenos: Add chopped peppers and sliced ​​jalapenos to give your burgers a spicy touch.

  5. Bacon: Place strips of bacon in the center of the meat for a smoky flavor, or sauté or crispy bacon with a little cheese.

  6. Egg: You can add a raw egg to the center of the burger before cooking. This gives it a creamy touch when cooked.

  7. Goat cheese: Place a dollop of goat cheese in the center of the burger for a smooth, creamy flavor.

  8. Barbecue sauce: Add a tablespoon of barbecue sauce to the center of the meat.

  9. Spinach and feta, or spinach with raisins and pine nuts: Mix sautéed spinach and crumbled feta into the meat for a fresh, salty touch.

  10. Caramelized onion: a delicacy that will melt in your mouth.

Nordic Ware History

Nordic Ware is a family business that has been producing high-quality kitchenware in the United States since 1946. Nordic Ware began its business manufacturing utensils inspired by Scandinavian food and quickly became popular for the quality and design of its cake and biscuit pans. Nordic Ware cake pans are already part of the American culinary tradition, but this company continues to develop products for cooking all types of recipes.

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hamburguesas perfectas

Era para un regalo y triunfó.
El poder hacer hamburguesas en casa y encima con relleno es lo más.

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