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Preparing the best and creamiest vegetable drinks at home with La Vegan Milker MÜLSI® from Chufamix is ​​very easy. The popular "chufamix" in its latest version is a very versatile tool that combines simple operation with a very efficient result that is as creamy as you want.

In addition to preparing all kinds of vegetable drinks by choosing your ingredients, you can also decide the texture, more or less creamy, just by changing the disc you want to put in the filter. You will enjoy your drink completely to your liking, both vegetable milks, juices, and even yogurts or vegan cheeses, quickly and without generating waste.

What is Vegan Milker MÜLSI® from Chufamix

The latest version of the popular "chufamix" is the Vegan Milker MÜLSI® and was chosen at the Ambiente 2023 Fair in Frankfurt to represent the ESTILO ÉTICO range and selected as an intelligent product for a sustainable future.

Chufamix Vegan Milker® was born in Alboraya, the cradle of tiger nut milk. Its creators, an artisan horchata maker and an organic farmer, designed an easy system to make horchata at home, realizing that it was also ideal for all kinds of vegetable milks. This patented invention is manufactured entirely in Spain, by 6 small companies from Valencia and Alicante.

The MÜLSI® model is composed of:

  • Container with lid.
  • German stainless steel fine mesh strainer cup with unscrewable base.
  • 2 interchangeable discs: a smooth disc for a fine texture and a 300µ mesh disc for greater emulsion, achieving a creamier drink. Filters are fine mesh German stainless steel.
  • Mortar.

You can make all kinds of vegetable drinks, whether from seeds, nuts or cereals, such as horchata, fruit juices, vegetables, yogurts and cheeses, and even coffee! In addition, you can use the filter glass with any of its discs, both with its container, and in any pot, jug or casserole if you want to prepare a larger amount of drink.

NOTE: The filter of all Vegan Milkers has been designed to accommodate even the largest electric whisks, so you can use your mixer in them.

How Vegan Milker MÜLSI® works

Preparing your favorite vegetable drink is very simple:

  • First, you have to fill the container with water, up to the indicator mark.
  • Screw the disk of your choice onto the filter, depending on whether you want the drink to be more or less creamy, and place it in the container.
  • Add the ingredient you have chosen to make your drink: hazelnuts, walnuts, oats, tiger nuts, etc., previously soaked if necessary. Add sugar, cinnamon, lemon or the dressing with which you want to flavor your drink.
  • With your hand blender, beat for a few minutes to blend well, emulsify and homogenize.
  • Once beaten, remove the beater and place the mortar. Lift the filter while pressing gently with the mortar.
  • Remove the filter and you already have your vegetable drink ready, to savor it at the moment or to store it in the fridge, placing the lid on the container.
  • Remove the pulp from the filter and reserve it for your desserts or to make bread, cookies or add it to any recipe you have in mind.

In addition to preparing all kinds of vegetable drinks, you can also make fruit juices and smoothies, which will be perfect thanks to the filter, especially with fruits with many seeds! Thanks to this German stainless steel fine mesh filter, it is also ideal for emulsifying and straining your sauces, without having to pass them through the Chinese.

So that you can choose the one that best suits your style, the Vegan Milker MÜLSI® is available in two models:

  • Vegan Milker MÜLSI®, which includes:
    • BPA free plastic container with measurement markings of 0.5 l and 0.8 l. Adapted to fit in the fridge.
    • Stainless steel fine mesh filter cup with handle. Unscrewable base.
    • Interchangeable steel discs:
      • Ultrafine disc (non-perforated), for fine texture.
      • 300µ Creamy disc, for a creamy texture.
    • BPA free plastic mortar.
    • BPA free plastic lid.
  • Vegan Milker MÜLSI® Soul, which includes:
    • Glass container with handle and 0.5 l and 0.8 l measurement markings. Resistant to thermal shocks.
    • Filter cup with fine stainless steel mesh with handle. Unscrewable base.
    • Interchangeable steel discs:
      • Ultrafine disc (non-perforated), for fine texture.
      • 300µ Creamy disc, for a creamy texture.
    • 100% natural pine wood mortar from sustainable forests in northern Spain.
    • Bamboo lid.

All the parts of any model of the Chufamix Vegan Milker® are made with the highest quality certified materials and free of toxic components, such as BPA, BPS, PVC, Bakelite, Formaldehyde and Phthalates.

It is recommended to wash the filters by hand immediately after use and with a jet of water. The wooden mortar must also be washed in the same way and allowed to dry in a well-ventilated place, avoiding humid areas and without exposing it to the sun.

Free recipe book

You can see a large number of recipes to make with your Vegan Milker with the wonderful recipe book "Your vegetable milks", which you can download for free here (Spanish version), or you can buy the paper version with more than 70 recipes here (Spanish version).

Why we like Chufamix Vegan Milker MÜLSI®

  1. It is quite an invention, designed to make horchata and with great versatility.
  2. With only the blender and the chufamix, you will make your best vegetable milks.
  3. And you can change the disc to have a more or less creamy texture.
  4. And it's also perfect for juices, smoothies, sauces, even coffee!
  5. It opens up a world of possibilities to prepare an infinite number of recipes.
  6. It is made in Spain, with top quality materials.
  7. By making your own drinks, you contribute to the ZERO WASTE philosophy.
  8. Do not throw away the pulp that remains in the filter; It is an ideal ingredient for doughs, cookies and any recipe you can think of.

The history of Chufamix

Chufamix SL is a small company born in Alboraya (Valencia), the birthplace of tiger nut milk. Its creators, Andoni Monforte, an artisan horchata maker, and Itziar Bartolomé, an organic farmer, invented and patented the brand's flagship product, Vegan Milker®, which emerged at the beginning of 2012 when looking for an easy way to make horchata at home.

All the pieces of the Vegan Milker® are manufactured in Spain, by 6 small companies in Valencia and Alicante. The invention, which has crossed borders, continues to constantly evolve towards an organic model, in a commitment to sustainability, free of plastic materials and committed to the highest quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ana A.T.A.T.
Obtén tu bebida vegetal de forma sencilla

Lo mejor si quieres hacer tus propias bebidas vegetales! Cómodo y fácil de usar. He comprado el modelo Vegan Milker MÜLSI Soul con jarra de cristal y dos discos para la jarra filtradora y estoy encantada. La jarra es resistente al calor y el asa resulta muy práctica para poder verter la leche en botellas para el frigo. También dispone de su propia tapa que permite guardar la bebida tal cual en la nevera de pie. El disco extra permite obtener una bebida emulsionada sin apenas restos de okara. Una buena inversión si te gustan las bebidas vegetales.

Leches vegetales

Ahora ya puedo elaborar de forna secilla y rápida mis propias leches vegetales con el Vegan Milker MÜLSI. Satisfecha con la compra y con el impecable servicio de Claudua&Julia


De momento he hecho orxata, es fácil de usar, iré probando recetas

Oliva D.l.F.S.

Muy rápido y fácil de hacer leche vegetal.Aunque para ser honestos no queda igual que la,comprada.El servicio como siempre de 10

Vegan Milker MÜLSI®

Es una buena compra, aunque la jarra podría ser de un cristal mejor y sin asa para que no moleste en el frigorífico. Pero el sistema para colar la bebida es muy bueno.

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