Emile Henry Salad Bowl

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The Emile Henry ceramic bowl is a most elegant and versatile salad bowl. Ideal for mixing your recipes and without a doubt well thought out for bringing your salads, pasta, rice dishes, soups and creams to the table, it is a bowl whose simplicity is surpassed by its elegance and sobriety. It is also an ideal center at dessert time or to use as a fruit bowl.

It is a completely smooth bowl with a wide mouth, from which you will serve comfortably or you can leave your dough to rise.

It is made in France, 100% high quality ceramic, with the indisputable stamp of Emile Henry. Also, you should know that it is suitable for the oven and microwave! So, in this bowl, you can both roast vegetables or meat in it, or apply a heat stroke to heat your recipes.

It is available in two models:

  • Bowl of 22 cm in diameter, in the beautiful flame blue colour (Feu Doux), with 1.1 L capacity.
  • Bowl of 28 cm in diameter, in Fusain black colour (very dark grey), with a 3.2 L capacity and 9 cm in height.

What distinguishes Emile Henry ceramics

  • Thanks to its exclusive use of organic and natural products, Due to its handmade manufacturing process, Emile Henry ceramic is a very healthy cooking utensil.
  • Ceramic is an excellent heat diffuser so we will achieve smooth and progressive cooking.
  • His non-porous enamel prevents the absorption of odors or tastes.
  • Is very resistant to small shocks that usually occur in the kitchen.
  • Can clean in the dishwasher without altering its properties or colour.


  • Vitrified ceramic is cut resistant.
  • The heat is distributed slowly and evenly, perfectly cooking your recipes.
  • It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Emile Henry pottery stands out for its quality: they are ceramic pieces made by hand (in fact, each piece is checked and signed by the same craftsman who makes it), and the raw material with which it is made is selected Burgundy clay.
  • Important: When you take it out of the oven, the mold is very hot and you must avoid a thermal contrast: place it on top of a cooling rack, a wooden board or a cloth so that it does not suffer a thermal shock, it could crack.

CLAUDIA'S NOTE ON COLOURS: When Emile Henry ceramic is heated, the colour of the molds intensifies, becoming darker. The truth is that personally I never know if I like them better when they are at room temperature or when I take them out of the oven, they are such beautiful colors! The classic red for a while is a deep maroon, the blue deepens into a most elegant ocean colour... I think they want us to keep using them for baking!


The history of Emile Henry

emily henry is a French company that has been manufacturing items since 1850. for the high-quality ceramic kitchen with a 10-year guarantee. With great international prestige, it is currently present in more than 50 countries.

Its delicate artisan manufacturing process is based on the use of Burgundy clay fired at more than 2000ºC, to which a natural finishing glaze is then manually applied.

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Customer Reviews

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La ensaladera es muy bonita y de muy buena calidad. El envío perfecto, voy a recomendar comprar en esta web a mis amigas.

Antonia G.A.

Me ha encantado. Además es el tamaño perfecto para nuestras ensaladas

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