Le Creuset Cast Iron Shallow Casserole

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Le Creuset Cast Iron Shallow Casserole is an iron pot with a special design by Le Creuset, ideal for stews that require a generous cooking surface, such as rice dishes. This casserole dish will give you Michelin-star results..

More French that Obelix and a piece sought after by cooks the world over, Le Creuset casseroles will guarantee you years of enjoyment in the kitchen and at dinnertime.


  • This shallow casserole comes in two different sizes:
    • 26 cm in diameter
    • 30 cm in diameter
  • Its shape makes it perfect for cooking rice dishes or stews that do not require much height.
  • Because it is low, the lid is closer to the food, so you get more uniform cooking .
  • It is also lighter than a normal casserole dish so you can use it more frequently, even on a daily basis for all types of cooking.



Upper Diameter

Base Diameter Total height Height without lid
Capacity Servings
26 cm 20 cm 11.9 cm 4.8 cm 2,2 L 4-5
30 cm 24 cm 13.5 cm 5.7 cm 3,5 L 6-8

What sets Le Creuset casseroles apart

  • Made of cast iron with a glazed coating, our casseroles are suitable for all types of hobs (including induction), oven and can even be frozen and washed in the dishwasher.
  • Their smooth satin finish makes them shine both in the kitchen and on the dinner table.
  • Le Creuset pots and casseroles are particularly suitable for slow cooking over low heat.
  • With a lifetime guarantee.

Why we like the Le Creuset Cast Iron Shallow Casserole

  1. It has great heat transmission and distribution just like other casseroles, but also its low and open structure is perfect for rice dishes and stir-fries. Cheers to the Mediterranean diet!
  2. Like all Le Creuset products, it is not only practical and very durable, but so beautiful that it can be used to serve food at the table. It’s so difficult to decide on our favourite colour!

The history of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French household goods brand famous all over the world for its quality and a leader in the sectors of enamelled cast iron, stoneware ceramics and kitchen accessories, among other items.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures first-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks all over the world, Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unbeatable durability.

The famous casseroles have been manufactured for more than 80 years at the Le Creuset factory in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.

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Customer Reviews

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Cocotte baja con interior negro

Esta cacerola de 30 cm.junto con la otra cocotte alta y de 24 cm.forman un dúo perfecto para mis comidas para cuatro miembros.Una para guisos y otra para arroces .Estoy encantada con ellas,pero sobre todo con esta última con el interior negro que me resulta más práctica para los sofritos,porque no se notan tanto las manchas y creo tendrá mejor envejecimiento.La compra de un día para otro ya estaba en casa y todo perfecto.


Fantástica! Fácil de usar y limpiar! Gracias, el trato de Claudia&Julia maravilloso como siempre.

Jose M.L.C.

Buenísimas prestaciones

soledad l.p.
Buena calidad

Es la primera cocotte q compró, no se pega y la comida queda deliciosa

Cocotte baja 26 cm Le Creuset

La he usado ya varias veces y para 2-3 personas es estupenda. Como con todos los utensilios de hierro tienes que familiarizarte con ellos pero particularmente le he cogido el punto rápidamente. La recomiendo cien por cien por el sabor de lo que se cocina en estos utensilios, porque no se pega nada la comida y por su fácil limpieza. Además es un producto que es para toda la vida. El servicio de Claudia&Julia excelente como siempre.

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