Emile Henry Fish Papillote Baking Dish

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The Emile Henry ceramic papillote baking dish is ideal for perfect papillote cooking in our oven. Its lid allows for gentle and uniform cooking, maintaining all the flavour, aroma and properties of the food.

It measures 41cm long and 24cm wide and is perfect for cooking fish, vegetables and white meats. and is perfect for cooking fish, vegetables and white meats (such as chicken or turkey) using the papillote cooking technique. But it doesn't end there, because it's also a great dish to use without a lid as a roasting dish for all kinds of recipes. You can see how much you can get out of it, can't you?

Plus, Emile Henry ceramics don't scratch, you can cut on them with ease, and this dish is so beautiful that you'll want to take it to the table and serve it directly there. You'll love opening the lid in front of your guests and hearing that "Ooooh" that they'll lovingly applaud you for.

For best results we recommend placing the whole or chopped fish in the centre of the dish, adding vegetables or our side dish around it, seasoning and a drizzle of oil, closing the lid and cooking in a preheated oven at 200ºC.

Why we like the Emile Henry ceramic papillote

  1. It is a very easy technique to apply in the kitchen and with tasty results.
  2. Cooking en papillote is even healthier if you do it in a ceramic dish, free of toxic materials, and the results are spectacular.
  3. It's an absolutely beautiful dish, which you can also use without a lid as a roasting dish for all kinds of recipes.
  4. It's beautiful, and you can take it to the table, it won't scratch when you cut into it and it will keep your food warm for a long time because the ceramic retains the heat for a long time.
  5. It's so beautiful and such a special item, that it makes a great gift if you want to surprise someone who appreciates good food.

The history of Emile Henry

Emile Henry is a French company that has been making items for the kitchen since 1850.span>for the kitchenof high-quality ceramics and with a 10-year guarantee. With a great international prestige, it is currently present in more than 50 countries.

The delicate artisanal manufacturing process is based on the use of Burgundy clay fired at over 2000 ºC, to which a natural finishing glaze is then applied by hand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Fuente papillote

Ha cumplido con mis expectativas.
De hecho he regalado una.

Marcos R.d.C.
Gran alternativa a otras opciones para hacer papillote

Opción muy saludable y sostenible para este método de cocción aunque la fuente pesa bastante

montserrat c.

Es muy práctica la uso bastante, la verdura y el pescado salen muy jugosos, la carne también. Un acierto


Una forma diferente de comer pescado, sale buenísimo, las verduras cogen el sabor del pescado, la usamos muchísimo y no manchas mucho, merece la pena tenerla, estamos pensando en comprar otra porque para los 4 que somos es pequeña

Pilar d.L.
Ningún plato queda seco.

Puedo asegurar, que he encontrado la bandeja perfecta para cocinar en el horno. No solo platos en papilote usando su tapa, también para asar y dorar sin tapa. Nunca más, un plato seco. La jugosidad de los platos asegurados.

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