De Buyer Stainless Steel Perforated Folding Mold

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The De Buyer stainless steel perforated pop-up mold is the first pop-up mold with integrated hinges. A robust, non-deformable rectangular mold, of professional quality and made entirely of stainless steel. Its integral design, with tilting latches, allows it to be deployed easily and without losing anything. The perforations guarantee uniform cooking of the dough, making it excellent for baking everything from sliced ​​bread to brioches, sweet tarts or even pâté en croûte with the crispy finish that characterizes them.

The perforated stainless steel unfolding mold belongs to the Geoforme collection by De Buyer and has been designed and manufactured in collaboration with Fabien Pairon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011.

The mold is practical, functional and efficient. It incorporates into its design all the innovations that have made it a new generation professional tool:

  • Thanks to its completely stainless steel design, it is a robust and non-deformable mold.
  • Its integral "All-in-one" design has hinges and riveted tilting latches that allow the mold to be deployed without losing any parts. The mold is not removable, it is unfoldable.
  • Its edge is flat, making it easier to edge the pâtés en croûte dough.
  • Its use is simple, both to unfold it and to fold it.
  • The unfolded mold is completely flat and serves as a template for the dough, something especially ideal for pâtés en croûte.
  • Air System System. The perforations in the mold allow air circulation during baking and provide uniform baking of the dough. He The result is much crispier on the outside, while the inside remains juicy; The whole is much tastier.
  • As it is removable, it is easy to line, which allows you to fill it with greater comfort.
  • It is a perfect mold not only for pâtés en croûte. In it you can bake sliced ​​breads, brioches, traditional rectangular breads, sweet and savory cakes and even some biscuit doughs with more body, using baking paper.

The folding baking mold comes in two sizes:

  • Mold of 24 cm. Measurements: 24 cm length x 6 cm height x 4 cm width
  • Mold of 35 cm. Measurements: 35 cm length x 7.5 cm height x 7 cm width


  • Stainless steel perforated pop-up mold.
  • Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Fabien Pairon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011.
  • ALL IN ONE comprehensive design. Riveted hinges and tilt latches.
  • The mold unfolds completely without losing any parts.
  • Measurements:
    • Mold of 24 cm:
      • Length: 24 cm
      • Height: 6 cm
      • Width: 4 cm
      • Weight: 550 g
    • Mold of 35 cm:
      • Length: 35 cm
      • Height: 7.5 cm
      • Width: 7 cm
  • Made of stainless steel with perforations. AIR SYSTEM system that allows air circulation during baking and provides uniform cooking of the dough, with crispier results.
  • Robust and non-deformable.
  • Ease and comfort of use.
  • Oven safe.
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  • Made in France.

Why we like the De Buyer stainless steel perforated pop-up mold

  1. All mold parts are integrated to prevent them from being lost.
  2. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is non-deformable and very durable.
  3. The perforations in the mold allow hot air to circulate, providing uniform cooking.
  4. Very crispy and tasty results.
  5. It makes lining crusted cakes much easier.
  6. Quality and professional design. It's Buyer's!

The history of De Buyer

Founded in 1830 in Le Val d'Ajol, France, De Buyer is a family business that manufactures kitchenware for professionals and fine dining restaurants around the world. With more than 2,000 products in its catalog today, it exports to 95 countries. Well known in French gastronomic circles , De Buyer collaborates with such prestigious cooking schools as the É cole Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l' É cole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marí c.R.p.

Me encanta el molde que he adquirido una verdadera maravilla para hornear los paté croutre a los que soy muy aficionada

Luis G.L.
Sorprendente resultado

Buen resultado y lo mas satisfactorio el desplegable, que facilita y cuida el resultado final.

Arnau L.G.
El motlle per exelencia

És un motlle d’una qualitat insuperable igual que utilitat. El vaig estrenar amb una quiche de verdures que va quedar espectacular. Una peça per sempre!

Emilia C.
Molde desplegable de Buyer

Es un molde hecho a conciencia, para utilizarlo toda una vida sin problema, te hace el trabajo muy fácil.En el horno cuece a la perfección,jugoso por dentro y crujiente por fuera.
No pesa y el tamaño te ayuda hacer distintas recetas!!!
Es una herramienta imprescindible en todas las cocinas.
Estoy encantada !!!
Lo recomiendo al cien por cien,merece la pena invertir en el!!