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The Pallarès kitchen knives with round olive handles are as precious as the brand's most iconic model. The rounded long-lasting olive wood handle, with its beautiful grains and artisanal manufacturing, makes each knife a unique piece, as elegant as it is practical and precise in cutting. Ideal for the kitchen and also for the table, you choose which Pallarès you want: with a carbon steel blade or a stainless steel blade. Or, why not, both!

Pallarès kitchen knives

Since I was little I remember seeing Pallarès pocket knives at home. My father used knives in the garden and I remember that my grandfather always carried one in his pocket. When I started helping my mother in the kitchen, I discovered that she also used Pallarès knives for almost everything. Some beautiful wooden knives that he still uses and cares for with great care today.

These knives are handcrafted with iron (carbon steel) and olive wood. They come with a carbon steel blade and a stainless steel blade.

The carbon steel blade is stronger and stays sharper longer than stainless steel knives, but it is very important to dry them after use and keep them in a dry environment. Never put them in the dishwasher. We can also spread a drop of oil on the blade if we are going to be without using them for a while to prevent rust stains from appearing. In any case, it is normal that with time and use they darken a little, a patina forms naturally that is part of the charm of these knives.

If you prefer them with a stainless steel blade, they have exactly the same appearance and are perfect kitchen knives for the most practical, since they do not rust or require maintenance, except for always washing them by hand to take care of the wood of the handle.

Pallarès knives are light, balanced and have a very pleasant handle, which is why they quickly become one of the most used knives in any kitchen. They are appreciated around the world as a symbol of a knife with its own character made by hand. They can be found in specialized stores in Europe, the United States or New Zealand and have appeared in specialized publications for their character and special design.

Which Pallarès knife to choose

The two models, in carbon steel and stainless steel, are light and balanced and in both the handle is exactly the same, with its traditional rounded design that makes them very pleasant to handle. The difference between them is the material of the blade, but both have the same quality, so it is advisable that you choose the knife that best suits your needs:
  • Pallarès knife with carbon steel blade. The blade is very resistant, the edge stays sharp longer, it is easier to sharpen and offers a very precise cut. On the other hand, it requires minimal maintenance and care to prevent oxidation. They should always be washed by hand (never in a dishwasher), dried immediately and if they are not used frequently it is advisable to apply a little oil to the blade. Furthermore, with use and the passage of time the blade darkens.
  • Pallarès knife with stainless steel blade. They are the most common knives in the domestic environment, since the blade is more resistant to oxidation and does not need the same care as the previous one. Since they have a wooden handle, they should not be washed in the dishwasher. They are resistant and durable, can be left to air dry without problem and do not require the application of oil before storing them.

Pallarès kitchen knives with round olive handles come in the following formats and measurements:

  • With carbon steel blade.
    • Measurements: 8 cm - 10 cm - 11 cm wide blade - 12 cm - 13 cm wide blade - 15 cm - 16 cm wide blade
  • With stainless steel blade.
    • Measurements: 8 cm - 10 cm - 11 cm wide blade - 12 cm - 13 cm wide blade - 16 cm wide blade.

The knives of 8, 10, 11 and 12 cm in length are undoubtedly perfect for the table, as well as pointed and multi-purpose kitchen knives. The larger knives are perfect filleters and chef knives, for working comfortably and easily on board cuts in the kitchen.

NOTE: If you notice stains or a change in color on the knife blades, it is natural oil from the same manufacturing process. All you have to do is wipe a piece of kitchen paper with a little sunflower or olive oil on the blade of the knife; You will see how it spreads and the stains disappear.


NOTE: We are great lovers of Pallarès Solsona kitchen and table pieces. You can find all Pallarès pieces, here.

Why we like Pallarès olive handled kitchen knives

  1. With all its measurements and its different blades, you can choose the one you need most for each cut and food.
  2. The stainless steel blade is very sharp and durable and will not rust.
  3. The carbon steel blade is strong, durable and offers a very precise cut.
  4. Its handle is made of long-lasting olive wood with a beautiful grain.
  5. Like all Pallarès, they are exceptional knives.
  6. Its artisanal manufacturing makes each knife a unique piece.

The history of Pallarès

Pallarès is a Spanish company that has been manufacturing knives by hand since 1917. It was founded in Solsona by the Pallarès brothers and is currently managed by the third generation of said brothers. Pallarès knives are characterized by their traditional manufacturing, the quality of the materials used and their excellent cutting since each knife is manufactured and sharpened by hand by master craftsmen. Its kitchen knives are appreciated throughout the world as a symbol of functional knives, with their own character and a beautiful design.

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Customer Reviews

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Milko J.
Pallares Küchenmesser

Diese Exemplare von Claudia& Julia sind viel besser gemacht, als die, die ich woanders gekauft habe. Zudem bekommt man ein sehr schön gemasertes Olivenholz als Griff. Vielen Dank für den reibungslosen Einkauf!

Yara Y.
Damaged product received. Unacceptable customer service. Avoid this company.

Product arrived used and rusted. Unpleasant and dishonest customer service who refused a return. Will not buy from Claudia&Julia again and strongly advise not to.

Dear Yara.

We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with our product. We strive to provide high quality and well-maintained items to our customers, and we apologize that this was not the case for you. Please know that we take all feedback seriously and will work to improve our processes in order to prevent this from happening in the future.

Regarding your concerns about customer service, we would like to assure you that we always aim to provide the best possible assistance to our customers. We apologize if you felt that our service was unpleasant or dishonest. We would be more than happy to further discuss this matter with you and find a solution.

Best regards,
The Claudia&Julia team

Gustavo L.G.
Chullio Pallares mango olivo

El cuchillo está desequilibrado el mango pesa muy poco en relación a la hoja, no viene afilado y el remate de la hoja contra el mango es muy malo.

Hola Gustavo.

Sentimos mucho que el producto no haya sido de su agrado. Nos esforzamos por ofrecer productos de alta calidad y nos preocupa que su experiencia no haya sido satisfactoria. Agradecemos su comentario y lo tomaremos en cuenta para mejorar.

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Un saludo.

Equipo Claudia&Julia

Carlos T.
Buen diseño y buen corte

Me encanta el diseño peculiar que tienen y los materiales. Magnifico corte y cómodos de utilizar.

Alexander P.
Cuchillo versatil

Un cuchillo excepcional polivalente excelente corte y un acabado de lujo

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