La Tourangelle Hazelnut Oil

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Hazelnut oil is the secret of many chefs. This is oil extracted from the pressing of premium quality hazelnuts, resulting in pure hazelnut oil.

This oil has an intense hazelnut flavour and looks fabulous in salads; it also combines very well with balsamic vinegar, making it a light dressing that gives life in flavour to many dishes. Some people also combine it with a little lemon juice.

On pasta, potatoes and beans, hazelnut oil is wonderful and perfectly replaces the oil usually used for seasoning. It also adds a beautiful touch to fish (salmon, sea bass, sea bream...), cheese or meat (both grilled meat and beef carpaccio). 

Another frequent use is in baking: you can add it to the dough as a substitute for some of the usual oil, butter or margarine, and it will add an original hazelnut touch to cakes, biscuits, biscuits and similar (the hazelnut flavour combines perfectly in doughs containing cocoa or chocolate).

  • Format: 250ml
  • Recommendations: once opened, store in the fridge for up to 3 months.

Why we like La Tourongelle hazelnut oil

1. This is pure hazelnut oil, not flavoured oil.
2. It's a delight: It leaves an elegant and delicious hazelnut touch.
3. It is very versatile, perfect for making sweet recipes (cakes, biscuits...) as well as savoury (in pasta, meats, salads...).

The history of La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle is the brand name of the oils that have been produced in a mill in Saumur, in the Loire Valley, using traditional methods for 150 years. 

The quality of their oils is due to the high quality of their fruits and the oil extraction methods they use. As well as providing extraordinary flavour in the kitchen, La Tourangelle oils are packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9, natural antioxidants and essential vitamins - the keys to a healthy diet.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura G.

Cómo dice el título es delicioso y encima tienes una cualidades muy buenas para ciertos problemas de salud. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

Maricarmen T.M.

Aceite de avellanas La Tourangelle

Aceite avellanas

Muy rico y aromático. Ideal para postres e incluso una vinagreta diferente!


Le da un sabor muy rico a las galletas y bizcochos que es para lo que lo he usado

Aceite de avellanas

Sabor suave, delicado e intenso. De momento lo he usado en un bizcocho y otra vez para untar el molde de otro cake q iba a hornear. Muy bueno.