Set of 4 ceramic mugs 100ml Riviera by Le Creuset

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Crystal clear waters, shining sun, white sands and a sky as blue as you can imagine. The Le Creuset Riviera Set of 4 ceramic mugs , with its colors inspired by the French Riviera , is all that and much more in a beautiful box , ideal for gift giving. Summer, light and warmth reflected in a set of 4 100 ml ceramic mugs in which you will love to drink coffee, every day of the year!

These four pieces from the Riviera collection will light up any moment with the fresh colors of their enamel: Caribbean blue, meringue, nectar and the new azure blue . A palette that will take you to the Côte d'Azur with your morning espresso or afternoon tea.

In addition to being beautiful, they are resistant and very versatile . As soon as you have them in your hands, you will want to use them for everything: have a coffee, prepare a mini mug cake in the microwave or some coulants in the oven, or even to bring to the table the sauces and dressings that accompany your dishes. They will give you a lot of play!

  • Le Creuset stoneware is resistant to cold and heat, from -23 °C to 260 °C , so you will use it to heat your drinks in the microwave or cool them in the fridge, to cook your desserts in the oven Or take them to the freezer.
  • They hold temperature wonderfully, both hot and cold . What you drink in them will be very fresh or hot for longer.
  • They are very resistant to small bumps or scratches that occur in the kitchen . Don't let their delicate appearance fool you, because they can withstand everything!
  • Its non-porous enamel surface does not stain, does not absorb odours, flavors or bacteria . They always stay just as beautiful and you can clean them very easily, both by hand and in the dishwasher!
  • Le Creuset offers 10 year warranty .
  • They are presented in a beautiful box, ideal as a gift.

Rain, snow, cold or wind, the 4 mugs from the Riviera collection will bring the light and colors of summer to your table every day, bringing you a little closer to the Côte d'Azur with every sip.

If you want to combine them with other matching pieces, you can see the entire Riviera collection here .


  • Set of 4 cups in the colors of the Riviera collection.
  • Colors: Caribbean blue, meringue, nectar and the new azure blue .
  • Capacity: 100ml .
  • Measures:
    • Diameter: 6.2cm
    • Height: 6.5cm
    • Length with handle: 8.7 cm
  • Non-porous, they do not absorb odors or flavors.
  • Great durability and resistance to small bumps, abrasions and scratches.
  • Minimum temperature: -23°C.
  • Maximum temperature: 260°C.
  • They are presented in a beautiful box with a fresh and bright design, ideal as a gift.
  • Suitable for oven, microwave, freezer, avoiding thermal contrasts.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 10 year warranty.

Why we like the Le Creuset Riviera 100ml Ceramic Mug Set of 4

  1. Their colors are beautiful and they will always be just as beautiful.
  2. They come presented in a beautiful box, ideal to give away and to give it to you .
  3. They are very versatile. In addition to coffee or tea, you can use them for your individual desserts.
  4. Le Creuset stoneware is highly resistant to minor bumps and scratches.
  5. Thanks to their non - porous enameled surface , they do not absorb odors or flavors .
  6. They maintain the temperature, both cold and hot, for longer.

The Le Creuset Story

Le Creuset is a French brand of household items famous throughout the world for its quality and a leader in the sectors of enameled cast iron, stoneware and kitchen accessories, among other items.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures world-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks around the world, Le Creuset cookware offers exceptional performance and unmatched durability.

The famous cocottes have been manufactured for more than 80 years at the Le Creuset facility in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France.

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