Set of 2 Pebbly measuring spoons

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By Pebbly

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The Pebbly Set of 2 measuring spoons is a set of two Schima wooden spoons , ideal for measuring the ingredients of your recipes or for dosing sugar, coffee, cocoa or tea on every occasion. Some high quality spoons and a beautiful design with a rustic air, which are also a great help.

This set is made up of:

  • A small spoon of 5 ml , equivalent to a teaspoon.
  • A 15 l spoon , equivalent to a tablespoon.

Each spoon has a mark indicating its capacity at the end of its handle. The spoons are made in one piece and are made of wood from the Schima species, a pioneer in erosion control and reforestation and of excellent quality.

Why we like the Pebbly Set of 2 Measuring Spoons

  1. They are perfect for dosing sugar, salt, cocoa, tea or spices.
  2. And to measure the ingredients of your recipes.
  3. They are made of excellent quality wood.
  4. And the sea of ​​pretty!

Pebble's Story

Located in Bordeaux, Pebbly is a French company born in 2015.

Its team of young designers, in the constant search for new products, is committed to a natural, sustainable, functional and innovative design in its kitchen utensils and tableware, so that they can also be beautiful decorative objects.

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