De Buyer Elastomoule custard and biscuit mould

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This Elastomoule silicone mould for custards and biscuits De Buyer is ideal for preparing delicious individual desserts, mini custards or biscuits, and not only that, you can use it for many other culinary creations, both sweet and savoury!

It is a new mould with perforations located between the different portions of the mould to improve thermal convection on the plate and perfect cooking.

Thanks to the shape of the mould, you will be left with flans, tartlets, brioches, cupcakes, biscuits... Everything you can imagine with a cute design and fabulous baking! !

Measurements: it is a mould with a capacity of 8 portions: 30 x 17.6 cm

Each individual mould has a diameter of 6 cm and a depth of 2.8 cm.

Dishwasher safe.

Why we like the Elastomoule silicone mould

  1. Not only is it perfect for preparing delicious sweet recipes at home and very easily, but it is also a kitchen accessory to free your culinary imagination and make surprising creations, both sweet and savoury. From flans to perfect star-shaped biscuits, you are going to make delights at home!
  2. The quality of the materials is excellent, distributes the heat wonderfully, ensuring a perfect baking of your creations.
  3. You will be able to prepare delicious recipes in individual format.

Story of De Buyer

Founded in 1830 in Le Val d'Ajol (France), De Buyer is a family company dedicated to the manufacture of kitchen items for professionals and haute cuisine restaurants around the world. With over 180 years of experience in metal processing, this manufacturer currently has more than 2000 products in its catalog and exports to 95 countries. With great influence on French cuisine, De Buyer collaborates with prestigious cooking schools such as l'École Nationale de la Pâtisserie, l'École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Ferrandi.

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Customer Reviews

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Quedan como caramelizados y esponjosos desmoldan muy bien
Buenisima compra

Silicona con calidad superior

Al recibirlo ya te haces a la idea de que no tiene nada que ver con los típicos moldes de silicona. Lo engrasas una vez y te olvidas de volver a engrasar y, lo mejor, no absorbe los olores.

Moldes Elastomoule

Son unos moldes fantásticos, nada que ver con los de silicona tradicionales. Caramelizan y desmoldan a la perfección. Hay que seguir las indicaciones de la caja para el primer y único engrasado y tener en cuenta lavarlos siempre a mano y sin abusar del jabón.

Ingrid S.N.
Moldes Elastomule

Me han encantado estos moldes, para mini raciones de bocaditos son geniales y muy muy fáciles de desmoldar, breve me compro más!!!

belen b.b.
Molde de buyer

Horneado increíble, dorado, precioso. Se le puede sacar mucho partido. Compra recomendable. 😊