Mold 2 extra large Zoku Iceberg cubes

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With the Zoku Iceberg 2 Extra Large Cubes Mold you are going to surprise your friends when serving the soft drink. The cubes will look spectacular in the glass. Oversized and beautifully shaped, they will chill your drinks no matter how long you wait to savor them. And made with orange or lemon juice, they are ideal in your cocktails.

Zoku has designed this spectacular mold with a non-spill lid so that in summer you don't miss anything. Prepare some refreshing and tasty cubes of coffee, with your favorite non-dairy milk, the fruit juice that you like the most or combining various flavours. And add it to your drink while admiring how beautiful its shape is.

Or if you want to succeed, prepare a rich fruit salad for dessert and serve it in the bowl, topped with iced orange juice and cinnamon and shaped like a diamond, so that it melts while soaking the pieces of fruit with its flavor.


  • Measurements: 9.4cm x 7.2cm
  • Weight: 100 grams.
  • Mold with lid to prevent spills.
  • Approximate capacity of each cavity: 100 ml.
  • Free of BPA and phthalates.
  • Handwash.
  • Lid to prevent spills and completely hygienic buckets, without odors or flavors.

Why we like the Zoku Iceberg 2 Extra Large Cube Mold

  1. Because it is a surprising ice bucket, which achieves some of the most striking cubes.
  2. The capacity of each cavity allows you to obtain a few pieces of ice that prolong the cold of your drink without any problem.
  3. It is a very simple way to make even a simple glass of water look spectacular.
  4. The lid prevents spills and is perfect for getting cubes without strange smells or tastes.

About Zoku

Zoku is a company born in Hudson, New Jersey, thanks to a revolutionary idea: the Quick Pop. A tool to make ice cream in a few minutes in a fun way with whatever we have on hand or what we feel like at that moment. Zoku continues to develop new products to make ice creams and granitas at home, maintaining that fun approach that allows us to involve the little ones. All Zoku products are BPA and phthalate free. Not ABS.

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