Le Creuset multifunction frying pan and pot set

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I want it! This set with saucepan and frying pan from Le Creuset is ideal to have it all in one and take up minimal space: The base is a 22cm saucepan with a handle (with the same cooking properties as a cocotte and a size in which it is both cocotte and saucepan or sauté) and the lid is an enamelled Le Creuset iron pan (as if it were a skillet!). Two basic utensils united in a single traditional design!
  • They are made of cast iron, which transmits and distributes heat wonderfully.
  • It has avitrified coating, which does not require any curing prior to use. The perfect option to avoid strange or unhealthy coatings..
  • Both parts are suitable for all types of heat sources, from gas, vitro and induction hobs, to the oven and even wood or charcoal barbecue.
  • It has comfortable grip handles.
  • Le Creuset offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • Size:
    • 22cm diameter
    • 3.3 litre capacity
    • Weight 3.7 Kg

Things you should know about the Multifunction Cocotte

  • The base is a Le Creuset cocotte in which to cook stews, creams and roasts both on the fire and in the oven.
  • Thanks to its size of 22 cm and its handle, you can also use it as a wide saucepan, and use it as if it were a sauté (a high-sided frying pan), ideal for sautéing without splashing, or as a saucepan in which to fry without splashing (even more so thanks to the high temperature that the iron takes, you will see that the oil takes heat in a moment )or heat sauces, milk or other liquids.
  • The pan, beautiful like no other thanks to its cream interior and cherry exterior enamel, is a vitrified iron pan, as if it were a skillet, so you can cook in it every day, both in the fire and in the oven.

Why we like the Le Creuset multifunction set

  1. You'll have two utensils in one! On one side, a saucepan and on the other, a wonderful iron skillet.
  2. The pan is just like an iron skillet, and you can cook on the fire and in the oven.
  3. The saucepan is perfect for frying without splashing or for heating sauces and liquids.
  4. It is ideal to occupy the minimum space in the kitchen.
  5. It has the magnificent transmission and distribution of heat of any Le Creuset iron cocotte.
  6. Like all Le Creuset products, it is not only practical and highly durable, but so beautiful that it serves to present food in the table.

The story of Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a French brand of household items famous throughout the world for its quality and leader in the enameled cast iron sector , stoneware ceramics and kitchen accessories, among other items.

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset manufactures world-class cookware. Used by chefs and cooks around the world, Le Creuset cookware offers superior performance. exceptional and unparalleled duration.

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Customer Reviews

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Monica F.

Muy contenta con mis productos, servicio excelente volveré a comprar.

Juan M.
Fantástica adquisición y rápida logística de entrega

Como marca estrella, está claro que le creuset es un 10 seguro, pero además este conjunto presenta una versatilidad sublime, permitiendo preparar los sofritos y pochar o marcar la carne al tiempo, para luego conjuntar sabores en una única herramienta.

Natalia S.

Soy cliente muy habitual, y me encanta los artículos qué comercializan por su calidad. Teniendo por su empresa una gran cantidad de servicios.

El cazo super maravilloso, la sartén no tanto.

El cazo es maravilloso, ideal para todo tipo de cocina, hice macarrones, sopa, salsas, y todo riquísimo. La sartén no sé si es cosa mía que hago algo mal o es así, pero a mi se me pega todo, cosa que no me pasa con otras sartenes de la misma casa por eso le doy 4 estrellas.
A la que doy 5 estrellas es a Claudia y Julia, super rápido el envío y se agradecen los descuentos que dan.

Ganna D.

Me gusta mucho...justo disfruto cocinar con este producto