Claudia&Julia was born at the end of 2012 as a response to our enthusiasm for cooking and the desire to start a project that would allow us to combine working life with our family.

As parents, we want to spend as much time as possible with our three children, educating them and instilling in them the value of a serene life close to nature. The kitchen is a fundamental element in this task: the whole family gets involved in the recipes, we plant our own vegetables and we try to teach our children to love the land and to appreciate the traditional flavours.

With the help of my husband Jordi and his family, who has been distributing kitchen products to shops and hotels for more than 20 years, I created Claudia&Julia. In this space we select only those products that help us recover the traditional cooking or, at least, the pleasure of cooking at home. It is also essential that the products we offer do not contain elements that are harmful to health or the environment, and that they are resistant. May they last a long time in our kitchen!

With the birth of our third child at the end of 2013, I cannot dedicate as much time as I would like to this project, but fortunately my husband Jordi reaches where I cannot. I know he treats you very well!













Claudia&Julia has its physical space in "We love cooking". It is a small place that we have enabled to carry out activities related to the products we offer, such as demonstrations, workshops or talks at the local level.


1. We believe in recovering a healthy kitchen, with better ingredients and materials.

2. We believe that a quality kitchen should be within everyone's reach.

3. We like products that last a lifetime, those that we will pass on to our grandchildren.

4. We are constantly looking for inspiration to bring only the best to your kitchen.

5. We like to collaborate whenever possible: together we can improve.