WMF Kaiser Pastry Bag and 5 Nozzles Set

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The WMF Kaiser Piping Bag and 5 Nozzles Set is a complete 7-piece set that includes a 40cm reusable cotton piping bag, adapter and five stainless steel nozzles. A practical German-made set, ideal for your sweet recipes and also for the savory ones!

With an elegant design and professional quality, this set will give you a lot of play in the kitchen:

  • You can use it in your sweetest recipes, to decorate cakes, tarts, cupcakes, crepes or muffins. By alternating the five nozzles in the set, you will have endless possible decorations.
  • It is perfect for resting the dough in the fridge until it is time to pipe or dose. The one with the cupcakes, for example.
  • It is a fantastic option to form donuts, gingerbreads, fritters or croquettes. With the dough in the sleeve you will only have to let it out to the desired extent as you prefer.
  • To prepare recipes that require fillings, both sweet creams and salty farces: cannelloni or shark-type pasta, or dishes such as eggs, squid or stuffed tomatoes.
  • Or when plating your party dishes, to decorate and create first-class presentations.

The nozzles are easily fitted to the sleeve thanks to the plastic adapter. They are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, without edges or burrs, so they are non- deformable and will last you a long time. They are identified with their corresponding size and are suitable for the dishwasher.

The nozzles included in the set are the following:

  • 16 mm closed star nozzle.
  • 13mm open star nozzle.
  • 15mm crown nozzle.
  • 15mm ribbon nozzle, with one side smooth and one serrated.
  • 11mm smooth round nozzle.

As you can see, you can do as many things as you have ideas, because it is not only an aid in pastry recipes. The sleeve has a large capacity and is reusable. Being made of cotton with a nylon lining, it is very easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. All parts of the set are suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Why we like the WMF Kaiser Piping Bag and 5 Nozzles Set

  1. It is a very complete and high quality set, which will give you a lot of play.
  2. It includes the most used mouthpieces, a whole wardrobe!
  3. The sleeve is reusable and washable very easily.
  4. The adapter is a must-have piece, which will allow you to use most mouthpieces you may have.
  5. The stainless steel nozzles are in one piece. Made to last for many years.
  6. German manufacturing.

The history of Kaiser

With more than 100 years of history, the German firm Kaiser is a specialist in the manufacture of high-quality molds and utensils for pastry. Since its birth, in 1919, the manufacture of all its articles is carried out in Germany.

Due to its catalog and the high quality of its products, WMF acquired Kaiser in 2002. A symbol of prestige, its range of articles retains the Kaiser name despite being fully under the WMF offer. In its catalog you will find all the essential products for the preparation of all types of pastries, with optimal results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ángela C.V.
Necesita mejorar

Lo que no me gusta es que se desperdicia parte de lo que pones, ya que tiene una pieza para poner las boquillas que no te deja exprimir toda la manga y siempre hay un trozo de la manga que no puedes usar. En mi opinión creo que es mejor una manga sin esa pieza para las boquillas. De las que van las boquillas directamente en la manga. Ya que después tampoco puedes quitar ese sobrante y me parece un desperdicio aunque no sea mucho.
La calidad del producto es buena y las boquillas también.

Carmen D.R.
Manga y boquillas WMF

Estupendas, largo tiempo esperadas. Y además llegaron en menos de 48 horas maravillosamente empaquetadas

Fuensanta L.A.
Manga pastelera con boquillas

He usado solo una boquilla. Buen resultado.
Solo un pero y es que se queda nata en la boca que es larga, aunque no creo que se pueda solucionar debido al sistema para colocar las boquillas.
Aún así, buena manga y fácil de utilizar.

Mercedes M.

Set de manga pastelera y 5 boquillas Kaiser de WMF

Jorge C.B.
Set Manga pastelera Kaiser

Todavía no la he usado pero viene un posible corte en la manga que no se si hay que hacer......y no viene ninguna explicación en la caja, ni en ningún sitio.
Debería tenerla

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